Thursday, October 31, 2013

Food Trip: Yogurthy Yogurt Healthy

Yogurts - glad to have this healthy option easier to access. There are a lot of small yogurt stands here and there and everywhere, now you could have your fix done in a minute or two... unless the queue is long which is the case sometimes.
One of our latest favorite yogurt stand is the Yogurthy Yogurt Healthy! <3
One of the good reason why is because its location is the coldest part of the mall - the new wing. They serve waffles and hot drinks too. The best part is, you could choose which toppings would you get - from fruits to different kinds of nuts to delectable sweet treats!

According to them, we heart yogurt because its...

-good for your health and its a good exchange when your on a diet and craving for ice cream!

It's the perfect spot for chikahan and catching up with friends or if you just want to read and hang loose. They also have healthy lifestyle magazines which you could borrow. I one time read the benefits of eating yogurt while having one. It makes me appreciate every scoop of this yummy goodness! The crews are sweet and the price is just right! :)

Empties October 2013

Hello November aka birth month! As I prepare myself to embrace my soon to be 26years of existence I am balancing work, baby and home. Including to home duties are my bids of adieu to my October empties to make way for new and exciting products to try such as Yves Roches, Clinique, Kiehls and many more! Now, who made it to my October 2013 list?

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil - all about the oh-so-good sunflower, click here.
Hype Body Spray in Vamp - Nostalgic, this body spray reminds me of my college days. Walking on Harisson Road late at night because our chemistry class ends at 9pm. Running up and down the streets of Hillside early morning while avoiding dogs on the loose, catching my breath and wishful thinking for a waiting jeep so I wouldn't have to wait an extra 15minutes or so, or else it would mean being late on my Surveying class, which means I either have to look for my group on Burnham Park or enter the back door and sneak my way to a vacant seat without noticing which is better than to completely diss my class and hope, that no pop quiz or the field experiment is not yet through or else I'm dead. This reminds me of picnic square's stone table with chessboards and rough seats, Athletic Bowls dirt paths, of my walks with friends on the busy and noisy session road while licking selecta ice cream while discussing our frustrations either on our demanding instructors and the formulas we have to sing and dance to the finale. This scent reminds me of governor pack road and its street food which means merienda for some and lunch for other students, of Maharlika's single escalator (which is the oldest escalator in Baguio, btw), of Abanao Square, SM Baguio's Shakeys nights and most of all, this reminds me of monthsarry dates with my boyfriend-then husband-and-father-of-my-child-now.
Physiogel Intensive Cream - read about my self-made-and-impose challenge and result here.
Splash Control Hair Polish Hairdressing Cream - not that bad, I just wish it smelled a little better - I mean smelled good.
SpectraBan - wicked SPF60 here.
Sweet Honesty Body Talc Powder - feminine, mild, classic.
Body Recipe Skin Lightening Hand and Body Lotion in Papaya - thanks to the peachy pink sisters for letting me try this yummy lotion, here.
Etude House Oh M'Eye Lash in curling and clean - all about this Korean mascara here.

That's it. See you on my November empties. I am happy to say I'm half way through some of my old stocks here in my vanity. Empties posts is a breather, I tell you, especially if you don't have that much of space to put things you love to hoard! ;)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Blog is Going to Blogapalooza 2013

Blogapalooza Manila Business to Blogger Networking Event Philippines WhenInManila (9)

This is our first time to try get into the Blogapalooza community, and I'm so happy to announce that this blog is included to the first 150 approved bloggers to join the Blogapalooza 2013 happening this November 16 at the SMX Aura, Taguig City.

What is Blogapalooza?
Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack! Lots of giveaways for the bloggers and online community and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product / brand / thingamajig to hundreds of influential bloggers and online social media influencers

To know more about Blogapalooza, click here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich

Cute cover, is one reason I dig on books especially when its paperback - travel friendly. I'm into ebooks and audiobooks but there is this need for me to take a break from technology and do it the old style - with fingerlovin' books like this. Travelling including hours of sitting will be much bearable)

As seen on the back cover of this paperback:
Mysterious men have a way of showing up in Stephanie Plum’s apartment. When the shadowy Diesel appears, he has a task for Stephanie-and he’s not taking no for an answer. Annie Hart is a “relationship expert” who is wanted for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Stephanie needs to find her, fast. Diesel knows where she is. So they make a deal: he’ll help her get Annie if Stephanie plays matchmaker to several of Annie’s most difficult clients. But someone wants to find Annie even more than Diesel and Stephanie. Someone with a nasty temper. And someone with “unmentionable” skills. Does Diesel know more than he’s saying about Annie Hart? Does Diesel have secrets he’s keeping about Stephanie and the two men in her life-Ranger and Morelli? With Stephanie Plum in over her head, things are sure to get a little dicey and a little explosive, Jersey style!

I am ready to make my journey on searching for the Plum Series. Stephanie is amazingly a smartpants full of action, hates drama and looks extraordinary in spite of her ordinary cover. I want to know more about the "unmentionable" as well as it is one of the reasons I love reading fiction - it takes me away to places and make unreal believable.
I love how Janet Evanovich insert books in-between the series (does that even makes sense?) It makes the story and the entire series exciting, not to mention delicious (in a bookworld way). So yeah, here goes my first Evanovich book, and I'm eyeing Visions of Sugar Plums and Full Tilt first with Charlotte Hughes before jumping on the amazingly titled "Plum Series"! Google it if you are curious enough! HihI
One for the money, 13 books to go,

Food Trip: Homemade Carrot Siomai + Carrot Juice

What I missed most about staying in Baguio was that all the vegetables are fresh, plus the price is way much cheaper than the limp veggies I see on the wet market here in Manila - there really IS a big difference! If you wanna live well, you have to start eating right, and eating right starts with fruits and vegetables - the usual left behind food blocks in the food pyramid! Today, in this blogpost, I will share to you my mom's homemade carrot siomai! :D

Ingredients and Materials for Carrot Siomai, Carrot Juice and Siomai Sauce:
  • 1 kilo fresh carrots
  • 2 cans of tuna in oil flakes or corned tuna
  • siomai wrappers
  • salt
  • pepper
  • stalk of celery
  • flour
  • 5 medium-sized eggs
  • Juicer
  • Steamer
  • 5 pieces calamansi
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • a spoonful of chili sauce
  • Olive oil
fresh from the steam pot! :D

Clean the celery and carrots and lightly peel the surface. Cut the carrots in medium size and process both the carrots and the celery stalks in the juicer. Measure 1/4 of the carrot-celery juice on the cup and put the rest in the fridge to chill.
Put the carrot fiber in a big bowl, add the following ingredients-
1/4 carrot juice,
tuna in flakes,
a spoon of flour (add more if necessary),
salt and pepper to taste
Crack the eggs in a small bowl, leave a spoonful of egg whites in a saucer.
Beat the eggs and mix it to the ingredients. Mix well.
Prepare the siomai wrapper.
Individually wrap the mix in the siomai wrapper and use the white eggs to seal the tip.
Cover the steam pot with a thin layer of olive oil (you could also add/use butter, if you like *wink).
Place the siomai inside and steam for 15 to 20  minutes.
Cut the calamansi and squeexe the juice in a small bowl, add soy sauce and chili sauce.


That is how we do it at home. Don't forget to put some ice on the Carrot Juice and shake it well before serving. Carrot is a good source of vitamin A. It can also melt small tumors and lumps inside the body. You can replace the tuna with grinned beef or chicken as well, but our favorite is the tuna flavored carrot siomai! Mouth-watering labor of love! All those wrapping is really well worth it!

What are your favorite carrot dish and dimsum?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Food Trip: Baked Comfort Food

This elegantly wrapped box has something enticing. Thanks Mike for bringing this delight :) image
Two of my favorite from this lot are these nutty special Almond topped  ensaymadaimage

and this strawberry cream-puff

this is not baked, but one of our latest healthier option when it comes to chips...image
Another comfy-food in a form of  KrispyKreme Classic: glazed donuts. So perfect with freshly brewed coffee! The perfect way to slice donuts: see below.
Another locally available fix for my sweet tooth
Gonuts Donuts
Another not-baked comfort food but this one is extra special I had to insert this on this post because
it's a perfectly cooked sunnyside up and its made by my hubby. Especially made for me. I prefer the wet scrambled egg though and he insist it taste better when toasted. Perfect with tomato catsup! #immaketchupgurl

That's it for my latest comfort food. I'd be back on my ramen madness this cool season of ber. Let's find out who'll make it on my top list. :)

Eat your heart out!

Celeteque Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Prevention is way better than cure. With that said, we should take care of our skin's youthful glow and elasticity and maintain it. The earlier we make it a habit the better. One way of taking good care of our skin is by washing it regularly with mild emollient soap, putting moisturizers and removing makeup before going to bed... and one of the latest finds I had had this...

I got several of these as samples to try and I'm now on to my last sample size bottle, which reminds me, I need to get my hand on a regular size!
Celeteque Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Oil is a mouthful, of words and of action! Yep, that's right. This cleansing oil is one the products in their line: Advanced Anti-Aging. So if you are above 30. This is for you. I'm 26 aotm, and I did enjoy using this especially at night. What I do is, I remove my makeup with my regular makeup remover and then apply this. This removes the dirt that my makeup remover didn't get while leaving my skin smoother and moisturized.
Advanced Anti-Aging products from Celeteque promises 92% reduction of fine line in 6 weeks of regular use - amazing!
Celeteque Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Oil has dual vitamin regenerating complex that promotes healthy tissue, elastic and moisturized skin. It helps in firming skin hence reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation - a lady's bestfriend indeed!
I love how specific Celeteque caters to what women needs, be it with ladies hitting 30's, 40's and acne-prone. They even got a line called Sun Care for outdoorish bellas.
I will definitely look out for this when I go out and try other Celeteque goodness!

Ditch the wrinkles,

Friday, October 18, 2013


Hello everyone! How are you? Sorry if I wasn't able to blog, my hubby and I are so hands-on preparing for our big day, I'm usually busy scanning online suggestions especially on Pinterest (follow me there: click here), read wedding blogs and making time to practice hair and makeup, choosing themes, dresses, preparing the program, wedding invites and more.
Preparing for our upcoming event is one excuse to stroll the mall. Here I'm just keeping my cool with my:
Casual Tee

Tee: from HongKong
Denim: Forever21

Bag: LV
Watch: Sophie Paris
Ring: Forever21

Earrings: Fancy Earring Chanel
Ponytail: Goody

Rubber Shoes: Nike

I will be posting my DIY bleach concoction when I have extra time, sorry ladies. Watch out for more easy DIY nail arts as well. Backlogs are many, wedding preparation is keeping me on my toes but I just keep myself composed with a sweet genuine smile.

Live, Love, Laugh,

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

Got to try one of these as a compliment for bellas who attended the BDJ Rendezvous. Thank you so much Kiehl's and BDJ!
You could actually ask for samples if its your first time to enter Kiehl's and they'll give you samples base on the condition of your skin be it oily, dry or combination - and I think I'm now on normal (cheeks) to oily (t-zone) skin.
This 30ml tube is huge and its one of their deluxe samples, so you'll see the result just by using it regularly. Felt the difference just right after my first facial wash in the morning and after a long day! If you're wearing makeup, remove it first before washing face using this for more effective result since this is not abrasive, its gentle and emollient best for sensitive skin. Emollient included in this tube are squalene, apricot, kernel oil, vitamin E and avocado oil. This cleanser reminds me of Physiogel. If Physiogel is for babies, I think this is the counterpart for adults. Like Physiogel cleanser, this could be use even without water. Perfect for lazy nights and is travel-friendly. :)
This is Kiehl's version of a gentle cleanser that effectively cleans without over drying and stripping or exfoliating sensitive skin. This is my first encounter to this skincare brand and so far I'm loving it, I think I would buy a regular size bottle right after finishing this up and all the other cleansers lurking around my vanity. :P
What Kiehl's product do you love most? Share away!

Giving my skin some love,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Part 4: The Final Output - We Are The BDJ Veterans Video

I said that I would be posting the BDJ Fair 2013 as the fourth and final installment for this segmented article but decided to just end this with the final video itself. It's more appropriate, right?
So enjoy my seconds of fame. :)

Just click the link below for the video.

Thank you so much Belle de Jour Power Planner masterminds (hihi) and staff!
I really enjoyed this wonderful experience. <3 More power!
bella G.

Part 3: BDJ Veterans BTS at Lulu Nails and Dry Bar

I was starstrucked and teary-eyed! I finally smelled, err... met her in person! #owemji I felt like a creepy bohemian chic with uneven lipstick and unwashed braided hair right about now. But who cares, that's how much I like love her! #myheroine Can we be like bffs? With girly dates and slumber parties and movie nights and dirty chipped nails? Okay, I'm going overboard and not to mention talking way too much than what's maximum for humility... *stop!
Let's start my story part three on the part right after I get my nails done, shall we? Ms Em asked us if we could help her out on our props and we gladly said yes.
P.S. This blog post contains a LOT of smiling (more like laughing) girls on their colorful attires and freshly pressed nails.
with bella Mizi
If you're reading this and don't know what on earth I'm blabbering about, then my friend, please get off here and drag yourself there --- Part 1.
Check out Lulu Nails and Dry Bar aka Part 2 here. (Catch you later!)
BDJ Veterans
We sharpie-d the words we were going to dance with while waiting for the other bellas to get their nails done too
I started with shy bold blocked letters and then warmed up and art the letters away! :)
As we finished words, more bellas got their nails done and now ready to mingle! Woohoo! I'm one of those who initiate conversations PJ-Lanot style (#wywttt)
Bellas Beth and Lala Rose
Mizi, Rita, Emily, Lala, Alyson, JM
bella Rochelle with beauty ministry Kate
BDJ Team
I also get to learn who I'm dealing with on emails in Bdj planner and Bdj box.
The ladies who were stucked in my mind were these trio aka "The Charlie's BDJ's Angels" right here:  Ms. Maf, Ms. Hazel and Ms. Eds
Eds - the cute chinita with her signature Asian hand gesture, Hazel - was surprisingly bubbly, Maf- looks conservative and she couldn't do so much about Hazel flipping her hair out. hihi
and these two right here:
(i know the photo is blurred, but this is one of my favorite stolen shots among the girls aside from the photo above)
All of them were very friendly and warm and sincere. I wish I could work with good-looking smartypants girls everyday too!
My First Impressions: The BDJ Planner Masterminds and the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry
"Masterminds"? Really? Oh I'm so short for words can someone lend me a brain full of vocabularies? I'm getting rusty! Founders would be too serious, and BDJ is fun, it wouldn't fit and it'll only make the masterminds look old and saggy on a toga and a white cap with tassel with straight line for lips who isn't capable of smiling... blabity blah...
Okay, moving on... since my excitement scale is still broken, and I need to buy a spare tire to make it run again, I decided to give my first impressions and personal say to these young ladies instead. First impressions are self-explanatory. Get it? Good.
Disclaimer: I might be wrong about them or maybe I'm not. #whatever! #donthate
Ms. Dar - I am always at awe with mouth hanging when it comes to her. She is all over the place, even carrying equipments here and there. She is hands-on and very friendly. She's the boss but forever far-fetched to being bossy. She's like Matilda's teacher on a Roald's book, Glinda, the white witch of Oz or the Princess Diana of BDJ (without the sporty Egyptian boyfriend and the royal ex husband prince). I wouldn't freak out if she confess of talking to animals especially birds and cats.
Ms. Em - is like a Magnum ice cream. Expensive and worth it. Yummy hard on the outside and soft in the inside. I like how "strict" she is like a mother. I bet she's a hardcore pro on beating due dates and deadlines. She can see when something is wrong and deal with it asap. I picture her on an action film, a hired assassin leaving authorities with no clue. She also appreciate good work and put you on the pedestal especially when you deserve it.
Ms. Barbi - I like her videos. I always watch her makeup tips on the BDJ website. I never thought she's even better in person, on makeup and personality. She is fun, bubbly and I personally think her bag holds more than a pair of sunnies. I would say she's a Russian doll, porcelain white or a gay-sha as they joke around. Hey, she's light physically and emotionally but heavy on gray matters. You've been warned.
Ms. Nicole - is intimidating! It makes me think that there is an invisible laser wall around her than when you come close enough you'll be electrified or worse, zinged out! She looks kinda snobbish and I was afraid of asking for a photo for fear of being slapped twice or shout at! Silly me! But before that, I love staring at her (of course, when she's not looking! I'm a creepy bohemian chic with uneven lipstick and unwashed braided hair, remember?) She looks like a paper doll. All the girls were actually. But I'm particular about her. I think because I'm hinting she's a cat. Or maybe I was just being the paranoid me?
Ms. Tara - is actually the reason I'm two hours earlier. I so wanna handshake her. (I did see her couple of times before but I'm too shy to introduce myself - it's either I thought I didn't spray enough perfume to smell good next to her and make her cringe her nose and cover her mouth, or didn't comb my hair which I always didn't do, or I did too many makeup rule mistakes and fashion pet peeves all at once that she abhors which btw, I would never ran out of, or I decided to dressed up as a walking rag which I sometimes do or I'm just too wide, too big, too fat for her liking which I could do something about but I lack discipline #ohdear! ). If you asked me why now? I'll answer you, "why not now?" :) and guess what, (well, isn't it obvious?) I had the courage to #finally introduce myself! Seriously though, I wish I could have a day with her. #crossingfingers
Sad that Ms. Tricia Abad, Ms. Jasmine Mendiola, Ms. Candice Lim, Ms. Erika Paredes and Ms. Kat Dy didn't make it. I'm about to match them on which Disney princesses they were except for
Ms. Karen - she is the vixen Disney Princess Pocahontas. Body, built, hair and complexion. I'm not so sure but I think she could talk to trees too especially on the radio.
Ms. Kate - is none other than the Disney Princess Brave girl. She is proud of her curls and ready to flaunt it. I think she's one of those I wanna be with on a hot summer afternoon with books scattered all over and hot cup of freshly brewed coffees on our hands while discussing the weather. (The thing is, I'm not so sure if she feels the same? lol) There is more to her than meets the eye. Mysterious and calm.
P.S. - I punched my gut twice to make myself stand before these ladies. (Insecurities knocked down and face harder. If you get me, then you can relate. #highfive If you didn't. good for you!)

Belle de Jour Planners - First Dibs
Sorry, I won't tell my favorite pages for now. Just watch out for part 4 aka the BDJ 2013 Finale: #makeithappen Launch of BDJ Power Planner 2014!
Of course, I'll end this post with group (some stolen) pictures.
I could have divided this post into two or more but decided not, and make part 4 the event itself. (To avoid myself from blabbering about what's not and spare you from the gruesome scenes inside my head.#scary)
Watch out for part 4 - #MakeItHappen: The Launching of Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Catching Fire by Suzzane Collins

The Hunger Games discreet mode, click here.
The Hunger Games with its beans all over the place, click here.
and now, Catching Fire! This post brim's spilling juicy moments. You've been warned.
This is the second book of the trilogy: The Hunger Games. This is the second sequel of the Hunger Games. This is my favorite among the three.
Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen won the 74th Annual Hunger Games held at the Capitol of Panem. "Victory Tour" follows shortly right after and sooner President Snow announced that on the 75th Annual Hunger Games - Peeta and Katniss will enter the Arena again. On the "victory tour", Katniss observed that a rebellion is brewing.
The thing is, every 25th year (the Quarter Quell) - the champions or the victors as they called it, would fight their way out of the Arena for the second (and to the others, last) time.
Another thing is, this is President Snow's way of getting rid of Katniss Everdeen together with the hope of the district's people to be free by starting a rebellion against the Capitol.
Like I said, this is my favorite among the three. This is where Katniss' problems were doubled if not tripled. The hunger games, the rebellion, and the boys.
Peeta Mellark in his glory suit. Oooh, that jawline's giving me butterflies on me tummy!
The boys, I mean the men in her life are both strong-headed, wise and tactful. She is as well, so the battle of personalities, beliefs and love is now on the next level, you could practically smell friction in the air!
I so can't wait to see Beetee in action! Finnick is hot but I won't switch teams, Peeta Mellark all the way to Capitol! Bring it on!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Part 2: BDJ Veterans Sparty at Lulu Nails and Dry Bar

Let's call this the intermission of my segmented post or an excuse of letting the real part two stay on my drafts longer than it's due because I'd rather sleep it off than type because this past week was a blast!
To compensate the #uber late post that I decided to let you guys peek into this very posh nail bar where we (obviously) got our nails and toes and video done!

Lulu Nails and Dry Bar - The Interior
I gotta tell the truth - this saloon screams sophistication and elegance in a minimalist vintage way.
the concierge
Nail Bar
Spot Audrey Hepburn
Pretty - playful pillows and lamp shades to add color and life
In Lulu's, the sun shines through and
Vanity is at its best.

Take a pick between glossy magazines
or the techy flat screen
yup, you could catch your favorite tv show or rerun of your favorite movie chic flick while pampering your tips and toes!
photo grabbed from mauiiperry
All smiles! Heck, haven't got a decent manipedi for a month now!
photo grabbed from mauiiperry
The Buffet Table
What now? You think I'll skip talking about the food? It's close to my heart, inside my stomach! lol And I think it's best to put this on the "intermission" just because it is.
Who returned thrice to the table? See part 1.
This is what my plate looks like.
This photo smells good, it makes my tummy grumble!
The cakes were wickedly tempting!
Trivia: I'm the first early bird to arrive, the first to shovel yummy food on my big mouth unlady-like and the first Bella to be "recorded"! #akona!
Posing like a suppastar at the shoot - thank you so much Maui for taking my picture, you're so sweet like that<3 <3 <3
photo grabbed from mauiiperry
Part 3 will be served soon.

Happy nails, toes and tummy,


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