Friday, August 30, 2013

Food Trip: Casa Empanada Assorted Empanaditas and Megamelt's Mulach Cheese Ensaymada

Almost all Filipinos have 6 meals of the day - at least to our family this is true enough. We grew up to a home of 6meals a day - up until we are highschool, college life ruins everything!  The main breakfast, lunch and supper and the 10:00am morning snack, the 3:00 merienda snack right after siesta and the midnight snack which could go from 9pm to as late as 12midnight!
Aside from our usual Q's (banana, camote, turon), two of my other favorite meriendas are savory empanadas and cheesy ensaymadas!
Empanada; a crescent-shaped pastry - filled with stuffed mix of ground meat (like tuna, chicken, beef and pork) and diced veggies (like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes) green peas, raisins, cheese, and eggs, and some innovative empanadas are a surprise of sweet chocolate, and other sweet fruits like baked ripe mangoes and savory apple pie flavor! It is also considered as traditional Filipino food.
The box looks like a picnic table-cloth of checked white and gradient red.
While the empanaditas are wrapped individually and labeled in red mark. There is tuna, spicy tuna, chicken and beef, bacon and cheese.
Savory! Perfect with hot cup of coffee or cold ice tea! <3
Closer look at the yummy diced potatoes, scrambled eggs, raisins and chicken fiber.
Ensaymada; is a baked yellow pastry usually topped with grated cheese and is always available at your local bakery shops. ;0)
This time we got ours from Megamelt's! :)
This is what we have (photo from Megamelt FB page)
Happy 20 years of baking goodness!
 This comes in a red, Chinese-like special box with a 20-years-anniversary logo, wrapped in a simple plastic raw ribbon that could be use to carry around - no additional plastic/paper bag. Thumbs up! There is also a customized Megamelt plastic wrapper for each individual ensaymada, rowed and not on top of each other. Another thumbs up! According to the website - Muhlach’s Ensaymada comes in flavors of original-cheese, ham, macapuno, salted egg, ube, red beans, yema and chocolate, and seasonal flavors like Pandan, Durian and Banana. I personally wanna try the Durian flavor! I'm curiously hungry for that caramelly durian flavored cuppy ensaymada! :D #stomachgrowling
Love the toasted sugary cheese on top!
The soft and moist bread balanced out the salty cheese...
Did this post makes you hungry? It sure did to me! What are you pegging for? The Savory Empanadas or the Cheesy Ensaymadas?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guest Post: Money Saving on Smartphones

Hey everyone, this - as you could see on the title - is a guest post from writer: Ms. Lenny Marlina (Nina Lia) of ( 

Your smartphone may be one of the biggest investments you make this year, but that doesn't mean it has to be your most expensive purchase. With the price points on mobile devices climbing sky high (and their data plans, too), it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re getting the most value for your money. Which smartphone gives you the best return for your money? Keep reading to find out.

Blackberry Z10

Starting with the most recent release, the Blackberry Z10 is the all-touch screen phone released by the retailer primarily known for its trusty keypads and business-friendly phones. The Z10 packs plenty of surprises, including a new operation system, BB10, as well as an improved interface capable of running up to eight apps at a time. The most pleasant surprise of all, however, might just be the price; the Blackberry Z10’s price starts at just under P30,000.

Apple iPhone 5
For loyal Apple customers, there may not be anything quite like an iPhone. This mobile model has changed very little throughout its generational span, and the iPhone 5 holds true to this design pattern. However, Apple enthusiasts will readily notice even the small tweaks, such as a new “low-light” mode for the phone’s camera, or the faster shutter speed. But with prices starting at P35,400, it’s hard to believe that the iPhone 5 can beat any other smartphone in price.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The newest release from Samsung is a waterproof  version of its Galaxy S4. While the original phone garnered reviews for its specs--namely, its large screen and excellent video playback quality--the Active logs extra points for accident-prone users. This spec is worth the money alone, if you find yourself dropping your very expensive smartphone into water often; reportedly, you can leave this one fully immersed in water for up to half an hour without any damage. And with a price around P27,990, it’s on par with Blackberry’s Z10 and less expensive than its Apple counterpart.

Nokia Lumia 920

Also known as Windows Phone 8, this Nokia update is being marketed as the device that functions as a camera first, then a phone. It does provide a stunning F2.0 lens, as well as features like image stabilisation and a low-light setting. But what astounds consumers the most about this phone is the price. It’s the lowest on our list, at around P27,000.

Other Ways To Save

Of course, if you’re trying to assess the true cost of a smartphone, the sale price is just the beginning. You can almost always get these phones for a fraction of their respective costs by signing on for a plan at the time of purchase. And when it comes to paying for data, there are ways to make your phone bill cheaper if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. Always look for wifi hotspots that you can tap into instead of using your phone’s data, for example, or bookmark mobile-optimised websites to save on data usage.

Tech-noob much? Check her site ---> and be a tech-savvy!
Thank you so much Lenny! <3

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Prize From Earthlingorgeous' Midyear Giveaway!

I'm one of the silent readers of Ms. Earth's blog and she's one of those I unread after reading in my inbox aside from these blogs I regularly read - Hi Ms. Tara of The Chronicles of Vanity!. #youknowwhatthatmeans I always join her giveaways and fortunately won her latest as seen on the blog title of this post. What we did was just put our name, age and location and she randomly chose a winner. <3 I won everything on the photo below

egSo excited about the Flyshade's wayfarer and this nude lipstick from Maybelline!
IMG_07272013_144417This is colorsensational 275 in crazy coffee and yes I blog mobile (here I use My/Phone A818 duo) which brings me to buying this blog-friendly but cheap phone! So can't wait to use it! :P

Another thing I got was this Maybelline MasterLiner in BR-1 It's a reddish-brown eyeliner that could build up and intensify perfect for soft everyday neutral eyes, smoked or not. :) Has a creamy texture that wouldn't drag the skin because it glides well. It's not that long and is kind of hard to remove using wetwipes alone because its smudge proof and resistant to water but a regular makeup remover will do. No need to sharpen because you just twist the handle to protrude product but has a tendency to break if it's too long or if the pressure is too high.

Thank you so much Ms. Earth! xx

Little Parisians x Gerilen Elizabeth Fashion For Kids International Giveaway!

Fashion today is not just for adults, its for kids too. Its like dressing up Barbie and Ken. Besides, clothes things are cuter when they're smaller, right? :) I'm pegging the rising famous Instagrammer #alonsomateo - google it up if you haven't already! ;)

If you have kids 6months to 14years old - then you'll be hooked on this new online site for kids! :) Introducing...

So can't wait to browse their catalogs online! :D

Flash Sale Alert!!!
Little Parisians Back to School Offer is available until 15th of September!
10% Off New Winter Collection for a minimum purchase of HKD 1,000 - use code School10
15% Off New Winter Collection for a minimum purchase of HKD 2,000 - use code School15
 Little Parisian's Winter Collection 2013 includes different brands - Catmini, Kenzo Kids, Jeanbourget, IKKS and Petit Bateau! Good to know - a new brand will be added this Summer 2014! <3

Fancy Trivia: JeanBourget is manufacturing clothes for kids for 50 years!

Below are some of the cutest kids ever modeling Little Parisians!
 I personally love the details - rich colors, trendy patterns and textures - of this series!
Aside from the limited offer, Little Parisians and Gerilen Elizabeth are giving away HKD100 vouchers to everyone joining this giveaway and one grand prize winner of HKD1,000 voucher to be used on the Little Parisian Online Shop!
Lets get started with the HKD100 vouchers! Answer the following questions and email it to with your complete name. :)
Q1 - Which animal is the new emblem of Kenzo Kids?
Q2 - How long has JeanBourget been manufacturing children's clothes?
Q3 - Which animal is hidden in the Catimini Spirit Ethnic Dress for tiny little girls?
And now for the HKD1000 voucher... All you have to do is wait for the rafflecopter to load and fill it up!

Can't wait to win? Enjoy a free shipping worldwide and a 50HKD voucher when you register at their website + an extra 50HKD just by liking Little Parisians Official Facebook Page! Hit like now! xx

1721 Haul

Thin and fine. That's the perfect description I could give my locks and that's the same reason why I have a love-hate relationship with it. When its not that hot and humid, I could totally skip conditioner (because i would end up oily) or use just a shampoo+conditioner in one concoction and live - more so nailed it and still have a fabulous hair day! Yup, until I got a mild hair loss -lack of iron I guess... (talk about self-diagnose - don't ever do that and yup, my OB's findings was true - lack of iron due to breastfeeding) Did I mention I got thin fine hair, and I can't afford hair loss mild or not! Cut the chase, I give my hair some love with Sesou goodies like HHN HAIR MASK and HHN SUNFLOWER OIL and other HHN Hair Products... Aside from that, I decided to glam my locks with detachable hair extensions from 1721.
With hair extension...
This gave me fuller looking hair and instant digital perm!

Hair Clip Extensions (Curly Ends in Blackish Brown Color) - Php750.00 also available in different hair styles and colors, synthetic and human hair (varies price)
Hair Extension Detangler Spray - Php200.00 to softens, conditions and moisturise the hair extensions
Volume Base Hair Volumizing Set of 2 - Php99.00 its a Velcro Volumizer - hair spray effect without the chemicals and teasing - another hair damage avoided
Plus, more 1721 goodies!  :D  The lady gave me freebies, like this two cute hair velcros and a special hair clip bobby pin - I think its called as hair volumizing inserts! Stay tuned, as I will do a separate blog post on how to keep those glamorous hair extensions soft, shiny and tangle-free! :)
Have you tried any hair extensions before? What's your thought about it? Share on the comment section down below. Have a happy hair day! xx

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hoffman Clean Air System

If you have a baby, or if you or any of your family members are sensitive - allergic, easily irritated with dust, have sinusitis or can't breathe well when the air is "polluted". Then, you might want to consider buying this. That is the same reason, I decided to go for this, - but be sure you have fully decided to dive in and purchase this because it is worth Php60,000.00 (if I'm not mistaken)! People, plants and pets cause airborne particles that affects are overall well being - its passable for some and hard for sensitive as previously mention.

Hoffman Clean Air System reduces the amount of animal dander and industrial pollutants in the air improving its quality in the process making it healthier and safe.

Filtrations have several stages including:

*Pre-Filter - catches big particles including human hair, pet hair, strings, threads and cobwebs
*Formaldehyde Filterer Multi-Care Filter - has antibacterial substance, traps dust, pollen and ultrafine particles larger than 20 nanometers including bacteria and some viruses. Hence making this a good appliance to have if you have a residing patient in the house.
Good to know: World Health Organization reported the Avian Virus, Human Influenza Viruses and the Legionella Bacterium are larger than 20 nanometers.
*Activated Carbon Filter - removes odor and harmful gases effectively. Can conveniently be use after cooking smelly dishes in the kitchen - with style! I personally use this too to clean the air after we insect-spray-repellant our rooms. ;)
*HEPA Filter - has antibacterial coating that effectively removes finer dust, cigarette smoke, organic germs and moulds. Perfect mould reducer during humid weather.
Aside from the common on/off mode button with light, power button, and fan speed. It also comes with light sensor for night mode, silent button, automatic button, replacement filter indication and air quality indication light.
Color - Air Quality
Blue - Very Good
Green - Good
Purple - Fair
Red - Bad

This is what it looks like after opening it in our air-conditioned room. Note that the air quality indication is set to standard, which means it could go to purple or even red if its put to sensitive motion.
Then after several minutes, the air quality indicated very good quality air!
In addition to this, it could maintain the temperature of the room, so we could set our air condition unit into automatic or one hour earlier (time setting) before automatic turn off and still have the "coolness" linger longer.
Very useful indeed, the only downside I guess is the way the air is going. As seen in the picture above, the mouth of the fan is facing upward! It would be more useful as a "fan" if it could rotate and is horizontally aligned!
Have you tried any Hoffman products before? More Hoffman goodness coming soon!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

Sunflower yellow and seashell brown -
that's our wedding theme. I dreamt of hunting (more like harvesting) these on the cliffs across Benguet - Sablan in particular and having them freshly cut and wild looking along the aisle leading me down to my bridegroom. Dreamy. Beautiful even. We ended up replacing sunflowers with gerbera though,
since sunflowers are rare in May and we initially thought to tie the knot in March - its peak season - but circumstances beyond control, blah blah blah - ... Seriously though, my flower, favorite if you may say so, is sunflower. I picture myself seeing the rise and fall of the sun into the sunflower field... Dreamy. Beautiful even.

Sunflower is more than a pretty
face flower. Its seeds are powerful too, its good for your digestion. Its leaves leave a bitter taste to the mouth but is an ancient way to shine a wooden slab. And now, behold, its oil is an elixir of multitude use.

Got mine from my Sesou haul, and from my determination to go vegan one tiny little step at a time and be a proud Philippine-made user! ;)
sunflower oil
As mentioned, it has a lot of uses... and below are my favorites...

* I'm like a walking tree with roots spreading out from my lower torso down to my lower extremities #uglytruth but optimists may say I'm a vine goddess or a fashionable tiger gaining my stripes from bearing a child. Whatever. It still is a sore to look at and I can't wear a top and bottom at the beach for fear I might scare the sh*t out of me (not anybody else!) Two pumps for my torso and around the nipple area (you get stretches there too especially if you're one breastfeeding supermom - I make milk, what's your super power?) and one full pump each for upper thighs down to the tips of my toes. (Sorry, I don't want to take the responsibility of a nature goddess but bear in mind that I'm a self claimed pro-environmentalist - I keep my candy wrappers on my pockets until a trash bin is within my shooting range and I'm a target shooter - mental physics calculation and estimate #naks) Apply while still wet, to make it bearable on a humid weather and to let skin absorb the moisture easier and faster.

* I got a chance to get a hands on an eyelash serum after winning a Lashem giveaway on youtube and no, I won't be buying anytime soon. Its too expensive for a wahm (work-at-home-mom) like me unless I win again (I'm cheap stake like that) and since petroleum jelly is apparently bad, this is a great alternative! ;) dip a clean gently tugged cotton buds on the bottle and dab it on your lashes just like you would on a mascara with wiggling motion for effective application, leftovers on the cotton ends could do good in your ear lobes too, excess on the lashes might as well reduce those dark bags below the eyes - to lighten, gently tap with your ring finger.

* I did mention this a gazzilion times but if you haven't already, yes, I undergo heart surgery last 2010
(the reason I gain weight is because of infused steroid and the reason I push through normal spontaneous delivery by choice is because it would be my second 6 inch scar across my torso if ever - top and bottom bikini is getting far far away from my reality). Got a good old half a ruler slush diagonally on my upper left back (I would want to think I have a sexier back now than before - it was a sign of victory over a death threat of two months span of surgery or wait looking ugly until you die anyways - this is like my surgical tattoo claiming I'm a badass conqueror of PDA patent ductus arteriosus) and then again, after all my bravely claims, it's a sore to look at, and ugly to touch, its dark, its thick, its keloidal - if that's a term. A pump and some good extortions of hands like you got a bad itch (to reach that upper left gush of a wound that still hurts especially when its cold or when I'm carrying too heavy stuff or my 10kg infant for long - okay I'll stop blubbering...)

* I have thin dull hair with split ends and I use this as a treatment. First is to put 3 pumps of oil 30 minutes before shower. Second is, skip using conditioner for my hair and while still damp, I squirt 3 full pumps. start from the tips working my way up to the roots of my hair. Same goes to the face, apply one full pump before washing -the longer it sits down on your skin before facial wash, the better - and be amaze as your fingers will glide smoothly afterwards. The excess goes to my knuckles, elbows, knees, soles and ankles. They need all the love they could get too.

*There are nights when I'm just too tired or stubborn to cleanse, tone, moisturise. What more of removing makeup? What I do is, apply a full pump on my face, put some on a cotton pad and let it rest on my eyes for a couple of second before swiping off.

* Helps lighten dark lips - for naturally dark lips, a smoker must have or unless you are suffering from the long-term effects of toxic lipsticks containing chemicals like lead. Also, if you have matte lipstick that dries your lips easily, just blot this first on your lips before applying your lipstick - it will glide on easily while keeping your lips moisturized!

* my mom used to have cracked soles due to frequent walking without putting lotion, rubbing it out with sole graters hurts her, it feels like it would break her skin sometimes, and petroleum jelly is effective but not safe, so this is the thing too - her holy grail!

Other practical uses are -
*Apply a smear on the back of your heel before wearing your new pair of shoes to avoid friction
*Apply the before going to the beach to make skin glow and helps keep it youthful
* Helps ease dry & itchy scalp due to dandruff
* Helps improve skin condition after sunburn - or scald
*Smoothes dry, rough skin from shaving
*Helps calm skin & ease rashes, relieves itch & redness caused by insect bites
*Helps relieve symptoms of skin infections - just apply around the open wound if there is any
*Helps hydrate dry patches on face; diminish fine lines around the eyes
*Softens feet soles, ankles, knees & elbows, knuckles and nail cuticles and dry skin around the fingers
*Overall body moisturizer - perfect for Baguio's weather, winter and air-conditioned room
*Helps relax tired, puffy eyes and can be used as under eye moisturizer
* Helps lighten dark spots & pimple marks and soften and lighten underarms and bikini area

When you're planning to travel, this is a space-saver. It could replace your favorite ointment, cream or lotion! Just make sure you won’t spill it on your carryon bag.
 Have you tried the power of the sunflower oil?

Monday, August 19, 2013


Do you remember this? That was six months ago... We totally get our hands on this the moment I got it! tcat
I decided to buy this instead of its high-end counterpart because I'm not after hd games, and I can clearly see the near future - babe banging this on the floor, tossing it in the wall... I cringe every time! and, yes, my premonition was true!

what i really need was an e-book reader (can't afford a Kindle yet) and some baby apps to keep baby fuss-free during travel or waiting for our turn on the clinic bearable plus, it makes learning fun. :) The device comes with charger and usb cable and a free tablet protector case but not earphones! #boo I uploaded several baby apps and surprisingly, it is true to its 8gb memory aside from the external memory that can be extended to 16gb. I could insert as well. I didn't buy any though because so far I'm satisfied with the memory it has.

No problem connecting to WIFI but the camera as expected is pffft… You’ll have to have a decent lighting if you wanna have a decent enough photo as this only have 0.3 megapixels front camera and 1.3 megapixels at the back- at least it has two lenses... *insert sarcasm here! Good thing I still got my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W290 handy-dandy with an extra lithium battery on a separate case!

Social networking sites and emails however usually hangs so I deleted it all and stick to my A919i Duo when it comes to checking emails, twits, likes and IG favorites and the like. It doesn't come with a SIM card slot too but it didn't bother me in any way.

How about the battery life? Amazingly, this device has a hardcore battery! I charge this every two to three days, take note, that we love playing Hill Climb Racing here and some good old PVZ!

Satisfied as ever! I however downloaded a Clean Master app. One must have app! ;)
Have you tried this kinds of cheap tablet before? What's your say?

Skincare General Rules

I don't have the perfect skin, (not the worst either) and I encounter several problems but of course, all these have simple solutions and preventions. This post summarizes the general rules when it comes to skincare (and overall health). Some rules usually takes a lot of discipline and practice but the results are oh-so-worth-it! Read on!
The Don't's
*don't squeeze that juicy zit! - its nasty and unhygienic! Popping pimples not only stress out the skin's delicate follicles but also spread the bacteria into the deeper layer causing more breakouts, swelling, more redness, infection, irritation and at the long run larger pores. So better keep your hands off your face! (I used to be a culprit on this but glad to say I'm hands-free since learning this, unless I'm asleep...)
* it's a crime to be a night owl! - if you're an early to bed early to rise morning lark, congratulations! But if you lurk at night seeking opportunities (lol) like a night owl that I am- welcome to the cult of big fluffy eye bags, red shot eyes and overall dull skin! The thing is, the body needs to rest at night, to repair damaged cells, to keep skin fresh and healthy. The body self detoxify at night.So if can't getaway with night outs or night shifts for that matter, be sure to let your body rest at least 6hours a day. 10 to 15minutes power naps makes a big difference too - its like a quickie charge! ;)
*do not mix and just match - you could if we're talking about fashionable clothes, but since this is all about skincare, lets stay away from mixing and concentrate on matching. Although a product is best used with its partner brand, let's be real here and forgive ourselves by not buying the entire skincare line. Your favorite toner brand is different from your favorite moisturizer. Okay the thing is, its okay, deal with it but remember this - know your skin type, if your oily like me, do check the label if its for oily skin. Do not ever do with a toner for oily skin then a moisturizer emollient for super dry skin. The products will fight not the enemy of your skin, but each other! That's a bit dramatic, but you got me right? :)
I wish I was this flawless! No pores!
Or this smooth!
The Do's
*favorite drink: colorless tasteless ice-cold water - it's a thirst quencher, body replenisher and the best part is, its cheap, organic and natural! You are 70% water darling! ;)
Why cold? It burns calories. Hitting two birdies in one ice-cold rock! Squeeze out some lemon on to your water to add a hint of citrus - it burns calories too.
*the usual tips of eating healthy and working out - eat fresh fruits and vegetables, if its says it's a corn and it doesn't look like a corn anymore then you know it undergo a lot of food processes - preservatives and cancer-causing chemicals are lurking around that juicy piece of junk #truthhurtsalot! Skip it.
If you're not in a hurry skip the elevator, skip the escalator, take the stairs. Commute if safe and possible. Walk. Run.
My no-makeup makeup face :)
full makeup face :)
These tips are easier said than done. I have to focus on losing weight as well, it is hard and I'm under the impression that "no-pain-no-gain" is freaking unbearable!
Discipline is one key, attitude is another. You will walk, run, stumble and fall. And you know what, Its okay. Just put yourself together and rise. :) rise, try again and live life. Besides, #YOLO! Why be unhealthy, right?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ELIZABETH: OOTD - Date at WeeNamKee, Serendra

Hello there! So, we'll be sharing to you our dinner date outfit! :)

On him-
T-shirt: Metro Everyday Classic
Pants: Streetcode
Watch: Timex

On me-
Dress: Get Laud
Necklace: Fashion Market
Watch: Sophie Paris
Power Ring: Forever21

On me: People are People Shoes
On him: DC Shoes

That's it. We had our date with both of our side of the family to talk about our upcoming big day!

Busy like a bee, you know how it takes a lot of time preparing for that "day" and - I know some of you guys can't wait for my review on the Ishigaki products. Please bear my lack of posts, but I will definitely sit down and do it sometime this week, so stay tuned for that.

Have a safe and happy weekend ahead!

Live, Laugh, Love,
Beth :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stay on Trend with Firmoo Free Glasses in August

1. New Customers get your first pair free at right now! Check out more products!
2. All free code eligible eyegwear at that page is offered in limited quantities every day. First come, first served!
3. For new customers only. One pair per person.
4. All free frames come complete with 1.50 single vision lenses, complimentary cases, cleaning cloth and other accessories. You just need to pay shipping.
5. Full refund for dissatisfaction.
(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served!

Furthermore, Firmoo currently partner with 4sponsor, a safe, easy & efficient platform where we released cooperation opportunities there. For this reason, you can try to look for your suitable opportunity there. Begin your first try now!

About Firmoo:
Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

TCAT Philippines Haul

This post is 6months late, but doesn't matter - better to be late than never! :P
Anyways, these are what we got from our first online shopping with Tcat Philippines! And sadly, I think this would be our last. :I

An HL & Rich 4.0 Android Tablet, 3 Y-Pad English computer 2 in blue and 1 in pink and a white hanging jewelry organizer!
Y-Pad English Computers are just in time for my nephew - LJ, niece - A and my baby JC.
Babe loves it but I personally hate it. It's disappointing! The site has very deceiving "photos". It is as if, the item is sophisticatedly made from quality materials, not made of cheap looking plastic. The was below "ok" and it is operated by 4 AA batteries - mind you, it consumes the juice faster than it looks to be. The display is a cheap blurry print, The price is so very wrong!!! Tcat Philippines claimed it to be around Php900 and slashing off more than 50%, selling it for only Php399.00 Thought it was a steal at first so I grabbed 3. And as it is, it is not. I just so happen that kids aren't choosy, and he even wants to keep the box because he thinks it part of his playtoy...
The worse part is, after having these y-pads, I saw Deal Grocer selling this for only Php150.00!!! Whut!
Sadly, this is also overpriced! I saw a "sturdier" version of this at the local market for only P100.00! Think about Tcat Philippines selling this on a discounted price of Php139.00! lol Cheap find! Yeah, right! >:(
my jewelry organizer is still fine being my makeup stash  ‪#‎share‬ from Camera360#
The Jewelry Organizer (Php139.00) is fine except that I had to put something on its sleeve to avoid hunchback! Can you spot that? That's a recycled piece of babe's playtoy! :S
Got the YPad for 399php each, Android Tablet for 3777php (will do a separate blogpost about this soon) and organizer for 139php for a total of 8113.00 + the shipping fee! According to their site I saved 6236.00! Cool huh?
But why after getting the items did i feel betrayed and fooled?
First off, Tcat Philippines prices are way way way over to the top!
Ypad at department stores were like a 150 a piece! Really felt horrible!
The organizer is only 80-100php only! I felt i was robbed! and still is!
Learned my lessons the hard way:
- before buying "sale" items online make sure it is not available on your local store and/or not cheaper (well I know it somewhat "defeat" the purpose of shopping online and/so...)
-if you can't afford to stroll downtown to check things out, then browse other online shops and compare prices including shipping fees! Other shops online delivers free if you're in the metro or becomes free when you reach a certain amount.
-use coupons, discount codes and always watch out for sales. Online shops have more frequent sales than physical stores.
I'll try shopping on cash cash pinoy, deal grocer, zalora and lazada. :) I will never ever be going back to Tcat ever!
Do you have bad experience on shopping online? Any other trusted online shops you wanna recommend? Comment on the section bar below.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

History and Heraldry Handbag Hangers

I've got to admit, I'm one of those many that put their bags on the floor. #shame I'd rather though, than getting the chance to "drop" it like it's hot! It would be worse, what? I always carry my calculator, digital camera, tablet and phone in it and (of course) my makeup kit. I don't wanna end up with colorful dusts and cracks here and there... that's one of my mundane problems every time! Until I discover this #bagsavior!

H&H Personalized Handbag Hangers (Php199.00)
Keeps bag safe, clean and in my reach! :)

Easy to use too... just place it on the edge of a table or any stable surface like a hook and hang your bag or purse beneath it. It's surprisingly light for a very sturdy "heavy-duty" (could carry a whopping load of 10kgs!) carrier. A-mazing! But hold your horses... if you are afraid it'll dent or leave a mark on your precious furnitures then, you are wrong and definitely judgmental! lol kidding aside and flipping it over, you'll see a smooth soft "cushioned" felt paper like back so it not only protect your bag, it also protects your furniture. Win-win!


The amazement doesn't stop there! Can't you see those cute tiny girly flowery details! It screams dainty! If your name is common, you might get the chance to find your name written in it! Cool huh! Talk about personalizing! Perfect little gift for your sisters, mom and friends. And for those with unique or out of this world names, like I do (Gerry + Ellen = Gerilen #naks)  you could still perk it up by choosing encouraging words that will lift your spirit high in an unexpected moment - like when your order was taking too long. #boo


Here i choose the word "smile" in cute cursive letters - so that when I'm the one to pay the bill and leave a tip - I'll smile with a green leftover peeking in between my incisor - okay I'll stop rambling!


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