Thursday, August 30, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: Blogs I Regularly Read

These are the recent blogs I love to read and regularly stalk! hee hee They are in no particular order since they blog about different subjects like make up, lifestyle, food, travel, parenthood and health. :)
I'm following her through my email hence I constantly receive her post. At first i thought she's an ordinary kikay blogging about make up, not until i found out about her Things I love Sundays and What I Know For Sure posts! Check her out to know why!
My cousin introduced me to Bubs, Michelle Phan, Jen and Xteener through Youtube and I loved this Korean-American girl on first sight! :D she's honest and I love her heart-to-heart posts and her make-up tutorials are easy to follow! :) Learned a lot from this brainy and beautiful girl! :D
im so amazed on how this mom could go technical on her post, up until i found out she is not just a nursing mom, she's a licensed lawyer too! :D Learned a lot about momhood from this mom! How COOL is that! She really knows her stuff and what she's talking about! :P
She's fun and is full of inspiration. I love the positive vibes that I get from this girl. I tell you, when you're down, go check her out!
Love the foodie in her hehe plus the fact that she could transform her clients (she's a professional make-up artist) from so-so to oh-so-awesome! :)

What are your five most read blogs? Share them below!

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