Monday, August 06, 2012

Avon Collective Haul for the Month of July 2012

One of my favorite catalog brands of products are from Avon, it's as if Avon made your shopping easier because they have a wide range of items from make up, undergarments, and even items perfect as a gift. Another good thing about this brand is it always have a monthly sale! :D Who doesn't want a constant sale?
Okay, so recently after browsing two catalogs for the entire month of July, here is my mini collective haul! :P
I've been using these for quite awhile now, and I'm so impressed with Anew and I'm currently rocking the Imari lines :P I will be blogging about some of these products including my say on Anew Revitalizing cream, swatch of my new shade of lippie and that cream shadow and eyebrow liner. :P
What did you get for the month of July? And what are you getting for the month of August? Share 'em!


  1. Wow Avon stuff.... I love Avon too but cannot have it here in Norway! They don't have Avon here but I found Triumph so a bit ok...

  2. I usually get undergarment sis...

  3. nice blog, i'll share this one to my GFs :)


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