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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beauty Favorite: Creams

I will be postponing my empties for this month since, I only have a few, so check out my last #empties here.
The rainy season has begun, time to keep the two piece bikinis (if you got one or two) away and put on the pj's (or at least in my case. I'd choose pj's over lingeries anytime of the day)! :P It's also time to bring back the cold creams and serums on that vanity table! And since I'm looking for ways on how to use a product in more that what it is intended to, in here, I compile my favorite uses of cold creams! :D
  • Aside from lotions, I also use creams as makeup remover. I get to do two tasks in one go, removing makeup and moisturizing my skin at the same time! Dovetailing really is for working moms like me. ;)
  • Sometimes, when I'm just staying in for the day, I get to treat myself by slapping on a thicker layer of cream on my face, letting it sink in for a couple of minutes before doing my regular routine - cleanse, tone, moisturize.
  • Cold creams in a small tubs are life savers. I could easily soften dry spots like my knees, elbows and knuckles. I even tried using this on the heels of my feet to relieve pain from newly acquired shoes.
Although it's hot and humid here in our country, I enjoy applying creams when I stay at home all day with the a/c on. To end this post, I put the links of some of my creams in the vanity.
Some of these creams are included to my Empties, which means I'm welcoming new products to try, unless it becomes HG.

Friday, July 18, 2014

ELIZABETH: Picnic Themed Prenup (What to Bring?)

First of, you gotta think of a theme. This post is about all the things you gotta bring when, like me, you finally decided to do it outdoors - picnic, garden, park, whatever you call it. I decided to do it outdoor because I want to use natural light - the sun. Not the fake lights inside an air-conditioned no-sweat studio- where's the fun in that?

Mind you, this location aside from the A-mazing natural light means (these are the cons) we have to deal with the perfect weather, we needed to come back because the first time we've been here, it's drizzling.The picture below which is the second time - was scorching hot! Slap on that sunblock, honey!

Can you imagine myself smiling while inside I'm squirming because my dress' is too thick, lacey-itchy and sticks to my skin? No problemo, I used  Dove Underarm roll on, my sweat smells divine!

Tip: Under that wedding dress is my Converse. Do not attempt to run in heels when you're on hills. (hey, it rhymes!)
Another tip: This converse also walked down the stairs.
If you choose to add stairs on your red carpet moment, Converse is your comfort.

The grass is so deliciously green and the soil, well, yeah, some went under our toenails but no matter, I painted it anyways. So yeah, there's the cons and pros. I just state it here because I still choose to step on soil and get a little sweaty and a little dirty and have awesome photos and not complain about it because I know what to expect. So choose your location and theme wisely, brides. :)

This is one of my DIY props! hehe :)
-1 balloon stick snapped in two to make my cartonlina-art stand. Letterings here are made of good 'ole crayola and pentel pens lying on my desk somewhere...

This is also my DIY props, our most awaited date!
straws + cartolina + creativity = Art, personalized art that is. :)

And this are the props that we brought:
picnic mat
Teddy bear- 4th anniversary gift from my hubby when we're still bf and gf
picnic basket
tea cup
my handbag from kimbel
sparkle wine and champagne
wine glass
chocolate pie
apple and orange fruit
french bread
plate (2 sets)
spoon, fork and knife (2 sets)
black brim hat for my hubby
straw hat for me

we also bring styro with this message..

Live, Love, Laugh,

Monday, July 14, 2014

ELIZABETH: Prenup Makeup (When You Want to Look Fresh Under The Sun)

This post is all about the things I did to make our prenup shoot fun, amazing and awesome! :D
Note that this post is not about bragging but it's about having your dream "prenup" come true without hurting your pocket, or your fiance's pocket for that matter. hehe

About me: I pamper myself the day he asked for my hand in marriage. (So, I could flash my best smile on the big day) aside from that I'm proud to say that I didn't hire anyone for my hair and makeup. Youtube is your bff and google is your sister! Aside from having a sweet fiance, I'm lucky to be blessed to have a girly girl for a mother-in-law (which is a plus if you're doing your own makeup!). She (my then future mom-in-law) helped me straighten my rebonded hair and on choosing the right kind of falsies and the rest was on me. I put my makeup on!

The sun is scorching hot and my secrets?
-Keep it light. You have to look like yourself - the best version of you. Highlight the assets and hide the flaws.
-Primer. Myra E Sunblock. Revlon Primer. Ever Bilena BB Cream and Maybelline Oil Control Powder. Yes, you don't have to buy the most expensive to be your best, you just gotta go and find your HG (holy grail - the product that works best with your skin). If you are doing DIYs, maximize what you have and since you're aiming to be just you, why not use product you use everyday? ;)
-Be yourself. Smile. Not the fake smile that's holding your stomach in or sucking your double chin in smile,smile your genuine smile. Smile like there's no camera following you around and flirt! Flirt because you have all the right! This is where you should do the PDA master's degree level! Hahaha

Other products:

Eyebrows: In2It eyebrow palette
Lips: Simply Pretty balm, NYX lipliner and ELF lipstick in pink
Cheeks: Careline blush in pink

See my nails? No, I didn't let anyone touch my nails, it's pure DIY baby. Stay around to find out how!

Live, Love, Laugh,
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