Monday, May 14, 2018

Develop Creative “Cheeseventions” with Cheez Whiz!

Moms, did you know that it’s important to help develop kids’ creativity? Being creative does not only mean they will be good in doing art, it also helps develop them mentally, socially and emotionally. It is every mom's important role to foster creativity in their child in every way they can.

What is a better idea to foster creativity than to let them create their everyday snacks?

Cheez Whiz, the number one cheese spread in the country, has been spreading goodness during snack time for over 50 years. What makes it the leading cheese spread in the county is its thickness and amazing cheesy flavor.

Cheez Whiz' thickness is an explosion of flavor that goes with everything. Cheez Whiz is not only for making Creamy Cheesy Sandwiches but for creating different “Cheeseventions” snacks as well.  Kids of all ages can enjoy creating and mixing Cheez Whiz with other ingredients. Its two amazing flavors Original and Pimiento can drive kid’s imagination to create snacks! Make a sandwich tower! Cheez Whiz Mac and Cheese!  Use Cheez Whiz as a dip! The possibilities are endless!

Here’s one example moms and kids can create:

Solar Cheestem:
A delicious snack that’s out of this world!

* Cupcakes
* Cheez Whiz 220g
* Planet toppers

Spread thick Cheez Whiz on top of the cupcakes.
Lay out the Solar System placemat on the table.
Place a cupcake on each planet outline.
Stick the toppers into the cupcakes.

To teach moms and kids to create their #CheezWhizCheeseventions, Cheez Whiz recently held a demo and workshop event at SM Megamall Activity Center last May 8, Tuesday. Attendees were able to visit all stations where they take photos with Cowcium at CW Photowall, create Cheeseventions with the help of ScienCheez at CW Spreadometer, prepare their own Cheez Whiz merienda dependently at CW Cheeseperiment, and express their love for Cheez Whiz at CW Freedom Wall. Leading the pack of moms and kids who attended the event are celebrity mom and daughter Bettinna and Gummy Carlos.

Workshop Area

Kids creating their cheeseventions at the station

Chef DJ Santos leading Cheese 101 

Bettina and Gummy Carlos at the Workshop Area

Guests expressing their love for CheezWhiz at the Freedom wall

Aside from the stations, Chef DJ Santos also led the Cheese 101 workshop where he demonstrated three (3) fun and easy recipes to make with your favorite Cheez Whiz – Cheesy Pepperoni Tower, Cheesy Cupcake Pops, and Cheesy Burrito.

Two more legs are coming up within the month, second leg is on May 22, Tuesday, at Glorietta 3, while the last leg will be held on May 28, Monday, at Trinoma. Everyone is invited!

Now, it’s time to create your Cheeseventions and submit them at for a chance to win 10,000 pesos and be featured in the Cheez Whiz (@CheezWhizPH) Facebook page.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Inspiring others through hard work and healthy lifestyles

They come from different backgrounds and generations, but the new Century Tuna Superbods Ageless winners have one thing in common - they all want to serve as inspiration to other people.

Angel Jones, Johann Ludovica, Jules Aquino and Maureen Montagne have fulfilled their dreams after emerging as winners in the competition. They now serve as fitspirations so that others can become better versions of themselves.

Greg Banzon, EVP and COO of Century Pacific Food, Inc., said, “Through Century Tuna Superbods Ageless, we do not only recognize fit and sexy individuals but also promote healthy lifestyles for everyone regardless of age, gender and status in life.”

This year’s competition, which had its finals at the Cove in Okada Manila, was divided into two categories: the Superbods, which consisted of 20 finalists aged 18-37; and, for the first time, the Ageless category, which consisted of 20 finalists aged 38-50. Montagne and Aquino won in the Superbods category while Jones and Ludovica were the first winners in the Ageless category.

Jones, a 40-year-old mother of two, found the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless competition a good venue for meeting other people, learning their stories and inspiring others. She said, “I want to show every woman that it’s possible to have kids, have a career and survive all the struggles but still look fantastic and gorgeous.” Typical day for her consists of breakfast preparation for her actor son Tony Labrusca at 6AM, workout at 8AM, lunch preparation for her daughter at 10AM, errands and meetings in the afternoon, and finally, a quiet and cozy evening with kids.

On the other hand, Ludovica’s daily activities always include basic fitness routines like basketball, weight lifting and regular gym workout. He remains disciplined, responsible and driven despite the stress caused by his work as a BPO (business process outsourcing) trainer. The 42-year-old is fit, sexy body and self-confident. He advised his fellow contestants to “believe because you can. And if you need help, ask me.”

Although she grew up in the US, female Superbod winner Montagne had always been proud of her Filipino roots and showed her appreciation for her heritage by helping and inspiring Filipino children. The 24-year-old Fil-Am model said, “I hope to use my new found resources to continue volunteering and be able to give back to others.” Montagne stays fit by going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week or doing exercises on a yoga mat at home.

Aquino, like Montagne, also believes in setting goals. His advice for achieving a healthy physique is to stay consistent and do something fun.  “Enjoy the activities and have a positive outlook in life and you will reap countless benefits,” the 24-year-old said. His fitness routine includes Olympic lifting, calisthenics, plyometrics, high-intensity interval training or HIIT, animal flow, yoga, plenty of stretching and mobility work, running (long distances or short sprints), and gymnastics.

Indeed, through Century Tuna Superbods Ageless, these four winners have proven that whatever the age, there is no limit and no boundaries to what you can do to be fit, sexy and healthy.

For more details and updates, visit Century Tuna on Facebook:

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Fearless, Fierce, and Playfully Bold: Curvalicious Women Are Owning It

Today’s women are a force to be reckoned with. They are unabashedly beautiful, confident wherever they go, unfazed by nothing, and empowered from within.

Now, Whisper moves to celebrate the modern woman (like you are!) who is fearless, fierce, and playfully bold, through the new #Curvalicious movement.

Join the Movement

Woman, you bring forward a whole new level of aatitude and confidence, one that inspires and encourages other women to keep slaying, keep winning, and keep doing their thing – no holds barred. Your time is now.

Together with Whisper, join and be part of the #Curvalicious movement: a celebration of you, for you – the modern woman who is brave and daring, who powers through whatever needs to be done to achieve her goals and be the best woman she imagines herserlf to be.

Whisper has always been about empowering young women like you, providing you the support and feminine hygiene care you need, so you can focus on the tasks at hand. Because yes, absolutely nothing can stop you!

Slay, even on your worst day.

Stay sassy, stay edgy, stay your fabulous self-even on red days. Be present and keep your focus on what needs to be done, with nothing to stop you or distract you.

Whisper’s upgraded pads now features the new #Curvalicious fit, with a bump on the pad that ensures a more snug fit, so you feel confidently comfortable, as you would do on a regular day. Its soft cotton cover and dermacare lotion cares for your skin, and with the pad’s longer fit, 12-hour leak protection, and anti-leak barriers from all sides, you have absolutely no reason to worry!

Celebrate Curvalicious.

Remember this: you’re inspiring the way you are. The more you exude confidence, flaunt your bold moves, and shamelessly show the world who you are, the more you are able to encourage women around you.

And Whisper’s #Curvalicious battle cry is all about celebrating that. It’s a women for women movement that you should never miss on!

Whisper is the world’s leader in feminine protection that aims to make woman’s period a happier, more positive experience – empowering and inspiring confidence in women even on their period. Whisper offers a range of products that provide fast absorption and leakage protection for unrestrained movement throughout the day and night!


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