Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MUSIC: All about F4 + Meteor Garden

Nostalgic ... That’s what I always feel whenever I hear a song from this Taiwanese boy group, F4! Well, I remember my highschool days more specifically them naming me “Sanchai” as she was the leading lady of the series as you can tell by this photo...
when I was 17 years old

No, I don't hear much of their songs on the radio, but I just downloaded some of their songs on my android and I’m uber loving it! Hee hee But first, I have to clear some things, I don’t understand the language so what I did was to ask help from Mr. Google so now I know what the songs meant to say, second was their songs are kinda catchy, even you would sing it out of the blue if you feel like it, third, be warned for for years I have been LSSed!

Here are the MTV of the songs I’ve been listening to lately:

Te Amo

Ai Bu Hui Yi Zhi Deng Ni (Love Won't Always Wait For You)

Here We Are

F4 - Yao Ding Ni (Got To Have You)

and many many more, good thing Youtube have F4 Vevo up already! :PMy favorite among the all are the "Meteor Garden" soundtrack of course! I think this is where "Bubble Gang" gag of a song came from, you know Michael V., Oggie Alcasid and 2 more guys singing like asian boy band with word lyrics of only "baby"? But I'm not really sure, personally this song pops out of my head whenever "Bubble Gang" did a segment about it!

F4 - Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni

I so wanna take Jerry Yan home and place him in a bottle! :P

And of course, this blog post ain't complete without this:

which have a tagalog version as well. :P

So, did you got the F4 fever way way back? You should agree that F4’s “Meteor Garden” wish San-chai and the F4 gang headed by Dao-Min-Su started all the Asian dramas and people became more open to Asian music, so K-Pops should be thankful by them in a way. :P


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