Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maybelline - Color Sensational Lip Liner in Toast 25 Reviews + Giveaway!

Reviews from MakeupAlley.com:
I originally set out to the Maybelline section in search of a nude liner in the ColorSensational section called Nude (20). I had heard about it from a Youtuber. I picked it up, but then noticed the color next to it, Toast (25). Toast looked a bit more "nude" to me, but I stuck with the Nude one because it was the one mentioned in the video. However, it began to bug me as Nude didn't look that Nude on my lips...it looked peachy brown. So I did my research and went back and got Toast and the Clear lipliner (which is awesome by the way). Toast is sooo much better as a nudish lipliner than Nude on my NW20 skin, rosey brown lips. I can wear Toast alone and have it look right or as a base under any of my lippies (same is true for the Clear liner as well). So don't be fooled by the name. Toast might be your "nude" lipliner of choice.
Have been using maybelline lip pencils for years. I much prefer the pencil types to the push up types as they usually go on more easily and don't break. I loved the 20 shade in nude but I went to get another one as it was only 1" left and they didn't have it. So I picked up toast 25 and I have to say I think I prefer it. It's very natural looking. Lip pencils really help to make your lips look fuller and the colour remains most if the day. None others that I have tried have been as effective as maybellines. I'm a lifelong repurchaser of these!
Toast may be the most underrated "nude" shade in the drugstore shelves. Well, at least that is for fairer girls such as myself, with moderately pigmented lips and roughly NC/NW 20-25 skin. 

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