Monday, October 22, 2012

BDJ Fair 2012: Limitless! @SM Mall of Asia + Raffle Prizes & Giveaway Loot Bags!

A week before last week, I was literally going loco on my schedule! Friday was our Johnson's Baby Milk Mom's Nourishing Spa Day, saturday was our  MommyMundo's MOTF Event precisely portion 2 for babies 0 to 12months, and Sunday was the BDJFair 2012: Limitless! The launching of Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013! Exhausting week for baby and me but very fruitful!
Since BDJ fair is on a sunday, we first attend our kingdom hall meeting at 7:30am, got home at around 9am and prepare for the MOA trip! We didn't get the chance to eat our lunch so we stop over at Wendy's first
we only ate light meal but with rice,
just enough to keep us energize but not full enough to sweat or to feel sleepy. :P
After asking the guards and locating the Music Hall, we finally arrived to the area...
look at how jammed pack the place is! Excitement creeping out! :D
After taking our turns on this photo, we register to get BDJ Fair VIP pass, for Php100.00 each. All VIP Charity Passes will be our grant to special activity booths like wall climbing, bungee jumping and several photobooths! Plus, this VIP pass allows us to take home a lootbag packed with freebies, vouchers, discount coupons and treats from BDJ sponsors! The VIP passes are also our donation as 100% of the proceeds will be given to the Rocked Philippines and Sulong Kabataang Romblomanon. :) We are required to get the VIP Charity Pass since we are registered to the Beauty Bootcamp talk! :P Win-win right?
Here was the schedule for the main tent workshops and talks!
I also wanted to register the for the bloggers extraordinaire but I'd pass it to give chances to other bellas. :)
Here are our random booth hoping! :P
Baby seeing the bungee jumping booth and hearing the screams, plus the colorful banderitas caught his attention!
Look at the Montage Jeunesse basket prize! *drooling
waiting for our turn in Montagne Jeunesse Booth :P
mom and babe playing the name-the-logos-and-win at the City Delivery Booth! She didn't guess any but still the guy gave him a prize!
waiting for our turn for the Black Beauty photobooth!
The Flipster booth challenge: Origami making. Too bad we pass this challenge, it's too crowded!
as you can see, we need to queue, as the event is so crowded!
Love the jelly wedges from FreeFish! In this booth, we play ring toss
unfortunately, I didn't "catch" any fish, Beth got only 2 rings, but mom got a perfect score! Her prize:
Bellas creating their own charm bracelets at the ROXY booth
Free hair make over at the Vitress booth, while raffle prizes are given at the SkinWhite booth
Havaianas are giving gifts for those who buy flipflops at a discounted rate!
Mom played at the Garnier booth, while Beth and I
tried this
hehehe well, we didn't win but at least we have our photos taken :P
We hopped on the Ace Water Spa Booth
and played the Pachingko game: Drop the ball and win a prize!
Our prizes:

The heat is exhausting, so hubby decided to just sit down and wait for us

but I had better plan, I decided to take babe and hubby here

babe feeling happy again. It's cold again, yay! He got the energy to yell on his candy! :P

We ordered two coffee jelly and one mochafrap. Their mochafrap was a disappointment! :3
Mom, hubby and babe waited here while Beth and I attended the Beauty Bootcamp!

Georgina Wilson talks about Garnier and gives her secret to beautiful skin!

next talk: Erika Paredes on Make up 101!

The talk ain't complete without raffle prizes! Lucky me, I won a prize from DC!

here is my view from the stage:

and here is my photo on my sister's end...
After the talk, I got the chance to take a photo with a co-blogger, Alice ofMakeup, Fashion, Music and Life = Me,

We returned to Bo's Coffee to find this table looking crazy, coffee tumblers more than half way empty,

and hubby read almost all the available magazines on the counter! :P

We catch our breaths, and gave babe a minute of breastfeeding...

And Beth requested a slice of chocolatey-nutty brownie,

and a mini-chocolate-caramel cuppy-cake...

We nibble our way through our cakeys, while we wait for mom to return because she wanna try the other photobooths as well... :) After mom returned, we decided to head back
home to Market! Market to have our dinner! Our peg: mall hopping! :P
Here are the (whitewashed) goodies we took home!
Sorry the photo gone wild! That's it! Can't wait to use the BDJ Planner, the coupons inside and to use my BDJ card! :P


  1. looked so much fun. sayang i missed it.

  2. The coupons and discounts from BDJ are getting better and better. Can't wait to purchase for my 2013 planner. You know where I can get a cheaper one sis? :-)

  3. What a busy day! It looks so much fun... hectic but fun. :)

  4. aww. you've got so many events. hope I could join something like this.

  5. lovely! what an enjoyable event
    its nice that you take a pic of georgina...i like her

  6. Looks like it was a successful event with the numerous people who attended. Your baby is so cute!

  7. I got my BDJ Planner after reading about it in your blog. :)

  8. that looks fun... too bad i missed that event... BDJ planner is also my favorite, I have it every year.


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