Friday, October 26, 2012

Food Trip: Sbarro Date with the Family

I introduced this pizza parlor too to my mom and sis since I learned about it from cousin, ate Zhai. Everyone in the family have a tooth for pizza and pasta and everything Italian! Yum yum! Who wouldn't?

This is the Sbarro branch in Market! Market!
Wide selection of gigantic pizzas!

Cheesecakes and Salads options for sweet toothed and on-diet!
Yummy pasta sauce options :)
These wall frames makes your mouth water! I always glance at this lasagna and was always at awe at how those yummy goodness was layered into a sumptuous meal!
My sister’s all time favourite: Chicago White
Classic: Baked Ziti in white sauce and garlic roll
I wanna have the spinach mushroom pizza again and I could say that that was my staple food in Sbarro, but unfortunately that time; they're out so we decided to try out something else, the Meat Delight! :D
P.S. All photos taken were instagrammed! :P
It’s a good thing though, hee hee and by the way, as you could see in the photos above, we ended up dashing pouring the grind basil and dried oregano all over our plate! :P I especially love the aroma and aftertaste basil give to the dishes, and thought all Italian restau should add this to their usual condiments of ketchup, hot sauce and grind black pepper. *ehem to Shakey's and Pizza Hut! What do you think?


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