Monday, October 15, 2012

Food Trip: MANNHANN on Mom and Dad's 26th Anniversary

I love Chinese food as much as I love Italian! Maybe because i grew up with it, eating pancit during occasions, be it canton, bihon, malabon, lucban, habhab, etc,. plus my mom is fond of making homemade carrot siomai out of homemade carrot juice! :P (One of the perks of living in Baguio! Another perk of living in Baguio was the uber-cheap but so delicious steamed or fried asado or bola-bola siopao from the local Danes Bakeshop! If you are to go to there, you gotta check them out!) And, believe me there are days when I'm so hungry of dimsum and oodles! :3 Back here in Makati, whenever we feel this way, all we have to do is walk a block and order our always in Chowking! :)

Yet again, my sister recently introduced us to a more next-to-the-level chinese restaurant that's near enough (whenever our cravings gets the best of us) as it is located at Market! Market! This particular instance was when we privately celebrated mom and dad's anniversary before celebrating it with close friends and relatives. :)

What we had was a heavy dinner with

Beef Broccoli
Fried Chicken
Sweet and Sour Fish Filet
Clam Soup
Fish Fillet with Broccoli Flower
You may notice us being OC when it comes to broccoli but we eat broccoli whenever we can, or any greeny veggies for that matter. As I would call my dad a health advocate. :P No-pork diet and all greens as possible.
yang chow rice
The food is so yummy and mom loves the
chili sauce
this is what I had, and ow, the owl bowl was from Owlisms
Aside from fresh mango juice and a pitcher of houseblend lemon iced tea, we also ordered
Buko Shorbet
for my sister Beth and
Choco Marble Cheesecake
for me as desserts. But we ended up sharing like we used to, hehe
Of course we camwhore while waiting for our food... :P
Babe and Tita Beth (his pretty yaya of the night!)
Mom and I
BFeeding Babe efore eating so he's asleep while I eat! :)
The Engrs, Engr Buboy, Engr. Daddy Jerson and Engr. Papa Gerry
And yes, we talked about on-going projects as well.
The portion of the food are okay, they also give complimentary hot tea and beef soup if customers ask for it. I just wished the branch in Market! Market! are more spacious because people are queuing! Too bad we didn't get the chance to try Mannhann Baguio branch before we moved back.
So, have you been here? What are your favorites? What chinese restaurant would you recommend?
PS: Happy 26th anniversary mom and dad!
*some photos were instagrammed


  1. MY HUSBAND LOVES CHINESE FOOD, TOO... we should try this out!

  2. ate in Mannhann once only, and was not really impressed so no more visits after hehehe... :-) for my chinese food fix i would usually go to northpark and this other resto in makati that i forgot na... basta merong masarap na mapo tofu e winner na sa akin ang chinese resto na yun hehe :D

    happy anniv to your parents! :-)

  3. Nagutom ako bigla...I love the fish with broccoli, chicken, sweet and sour fish fillet...halos lahat heheheh...yum! What a sumptuous meal!

  4. I love Chinese and Italian food too. Never tried MannHann though. =)

  5. belated happy 26th anniversary to your mom and dad.. bigla naman akung nagutom dito...visiting from ComEx Oct 16

  6. I love chinese foods too. Their food tastes really good.
    -bcb 10/16

  7. Mann Hann will always be one of my favorites. the prices are worth it since the servings are big too! try their Kare Kare. the serving is good for 5 hungry people :D

  8. I love Chinese foods as much as you do. Enjoy the meal

  9. i love chinese food too! those food are so yummy, specially the buko sorbet
    belated anniversary to your mom and dad

  10. Same Chinese foods too. Love that beef broccoli. Looks appealing.

  11. my family also loves going to mannhann/mannang.. their food is delicious and my kids love them.

  12. awww, love all those foods


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