Friday, October 26, 2012

My Style Statement inspired by The Ramp Crossings

A stylish scarf is a chic way to offer warmth during rainy days, safeguard from bitter cold and windy night breeze or just to ward off the heat of the sun. One of our wardrobe staples are scarves and ever since I gave my sister this rectangular animal print scarf from The Ramp Crossings as a gift

she never live the house without it! The animal print design is forever and having it on as a scarf is very substantial, it can make the look vintage-y renaissance to comfortably-modern!

 Here I will show you the most basic benefits she gets with this fabulous scarf from The Ramp Crossings.
 This chic accessory add pizzazz and fashion impression that boost and increase her full, lusterless dress she is wearing on the left side while adding design and a dash of color on the right photo.

This simple scarf do wonders and magic to dresses, blouses and outfits turning them from so-so to glamorous-so! The outfit on the photo above changed in a quick instant! The plain terno of sleeveless top and black leggings became more fashionably bold and stylish because the scarf balance the outfit!

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