Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 + BDJ Beauty Box!

When I was in highschool, I used to dream about beautifully illustrated planner, colorful, vibrant and sophisticated-looking. I once discovered a girly planner from Candy once and that inspired me to jot down more, diary my skits and trips and more, but unfortunately I didn't sustain it because I never got the chance to have another of that Candy planner, not really sure if they stopped creating one or I'm just too late to grab one... Then, one night, my sister told me to scan her junk mails and help her delete spams and saw my cousin's email about Belle de Jour. She is offering my sister a BDJ Planner, I called my cousin about it and she said the BDJ Planner she was offering was a year ago, it was BDJ Planner 2010 and she is not selling anymore, but she happily told me that every October, BDJ is launching their next year planner always with a bang! :) After that conversation, the rest was history! I'm a BDJ girl since!

And so, my first ever Belle de Jour Planner was the BDJ 2011 I got from the McKinley Hill event, then,  BDJ power planner 2012 that I got from Take Flight: Launch of Belle de Jour Eastwood event and the latest and my third BDJ planner that I got from BDJ Fair: Limitless held at the Music Hall, Mall of Asia.

Like always, it comes with a BDJ Lifestyle Card, the key for additional promos from their brand sponsors and BDJ events like BDJ Passion Series and BDJ Rendezvous! :D

It's so amazing to have everything in one, right? An awesome planner, more helpful than the ordinary boring planners 'because it comes with special pages like dream board, vacation planner, random thoughts... Financially wise you'll be thanks to the bill trackers and cash flow! I also love the new wardrobe checklist and freedom page!

You'll learn what I meant when you buy one of the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 on their official website at plus learn more about the BDJ Beauty Box!
BDJ simultaneously launch the BDJ 2013 Planner and BDJ Box!

(source: BDJ Facebook page)

The picture above gave me a mini heart attack! It's so gorgeously cute and girly! Can't wait to try a box for myself!

Have you tried BDJ Planners before? Are you excited with the BDJ Box?

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