Saturday, February 25, 2012

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012

This is my second year with Belle de Jour, my first planner was awesome in its springbind form and I literally abused it! Check it out here and my 2011 FMN Notebooks that I got on BDJ fair 2011 held at McKinley..

Last October, I attended the Take Flight: Launch of Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012 and like I posted, I won the BDJ 2012 Planner!

So here it is
Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012
My BDJ 2012 with Pengel

As always, BDJ Planner is filled with exciting coupons and a lifestyle card that'll make my year filled with exciting discounts and freebies IT-girl style!
with my BDJ cards and Etude House Card and used coupon! :P

Here's the inside filled with notes and reminders! I really love how BDJ takes planner to the next level, its gives more fun and makes me jot down than confine with electronic planners... :)
Habit Tracker
Vacation Planner with Coupons
Vacation Planner is one of the best features of this planner, makes planning more fun and easy at the same time.

Monthly Goals and coupons
Monthly Goals was divided into several sections like Important Events, Professional and Personal Priorities, Month's List and Good Deeds which will remind you to be good and feel good when you know your good! LOL

January Calendar View
See those exes and circles, in calendar view, I can easily review which days I've hit and miss. :P

Weekly View
Please forgive my penmanship hehe that's a complaint way back in college! I tend to abuse my planner and so far I'm loving it!

Other awesome features:
Checklists of Things To Do
June's Article of the Month
Each month contains an article that gives advises and tips.. And my favorite post would be the June's article about shifting career.. Well, I'm not so into the field of engineering, and although one of my goals is to love my profession, I think it would not hurt me, in fact it'll help me become more comfortable with my real profession if I had some outlet of the things I like to do.. And right now, I love to do scrapbook, blogging and more reading! :)

What's your 2012 planner? Have you tried Belle de Jour yet?

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  1. i have been using BDJ for 2 years, unfortunately when i was walking to the mall and saw the animal print planner. i could not take my eyes of it, so the aggressive buyer in me, immediately walked in to the store and bought it. hahaha


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