Saturday, February 25, 2012

SKIN FOOD Golden Kiwi Gift Set

Aside from longgans and strawberries, kiwis are one of my favorite preggy fruits! My mouth waters when I think of them! I could eat a dozen in one sitting! :)

Then there's more,
SKINFOOD and  collaborated on a giveaway to promote their new release products: The Golden Kiwi Set!

The day after I entered, I received an email confirming that I'm one of the winners of the giveaway. I have to print out the email and show it to SKINFOOD SM Baguio branch. The manager, Sir Angel is so generous, instead of giving me a pair of each, he gave me extras aside from the gift set! ;P Thanks Sir Angel!
So, here are the goodies I take home!
Gold Kiwi Emulsion and Toner
Kiwis are so full of nutrients and contains secret to bright flawless skin: quercetin, a potent antioxidant that fights sun damaging effects on skin! ;)

Plus! Gold Kiwis are enriched with double the vitamin C of oranges and six times more vitamin E than apples! this hydrating and skin-brightening line keeps skin soft all day long while repairing sun damage with quercetin from the skin of the gold kiwi!

Here are the samples I take home too:
Gold Kiwi Toner
Gold Kiwi Emulsion
Gold Kiwi Cream
Gold Kiwi Serum
Each of these goodies can be used up to two times... First, apply the Gold Kiwi Toner, let it dry then put on the Gold Kiwi Emulsion, Gold Kiwi Cream and lastly the Gold Kiwi Serum. All of these products have skin-brightening effect!

It promises brightening skin care products with lightweight texture, no dry-no dull-looking skin, non-greasy and has a cooling moisture effect!

Watch !
"No more worries about UV rays! With Gold Kiwi Moisture Whitening Line, I can go out in the sun without sacrificing my skin's beauty!" - Minjung Lee as SKINFOOD Muse
So, have you fed your skin yet? :)

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