Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jack's Restaurant

Ow Em Gee double You HKP! Is it sad that I don't have time to go roam around when I was in college? I guess my subjects got the best of me, or was it just because my highschool life used to be so much fun, higher than my tolerable level, that I don't have to do much in college?

In any case, I wasn't able to explore Baguio that much, there are some parts of Session Road that I still wasn't aware of, and sometimes, I got silly lost for a couple of minutes inside the public market! *blushes* WTH!!!

But, I'm not so much of a sore loser, SMH *building self-confidence again*, I discover some "awesome" finds here, that I'll be bragging about soon... :) If Cebu's famous local is Ato Ato Barbeque and Restaurant, then I could say, this is Baguio's bet!

Let's kick start with a laid back local restaurant with an indigenous touch and one of my oldest and cheapest finds that my hubby introduced me to: Jack's Restaurant!

When your touring Baguio, in a short budget and you wanna try an extra ordinary dine experience then you must check this out! ;)

I find the place cozy enough for a chichat! Forget about Starbucks! You could order a cup of hot coffee during foggy afternoons with your choice of sliced cake, and you could chat away!

Or, if you're like my hubby, who eats heavy! (Sorry Hon, just stating facts! :P ) You could order a delicious rice meal in a rock bottom price! He's paborito (favorite)? Of course, it's the Famous Jack's Rice!

Jack's Rice: Roasted Chicken, Chopsuey, Sliced Lechon, Fried Egg and Rice

Mind you, I find the story behind this meal EPIC! Here goes my version:

"Jack the farmer arrives every afternoon to lunch Cook Baruga's complete diet meal in different covered plates. Jack is a farmer, and a farmer goes hungry after a day of sun-bathed work and he doesn't wanna spare extra time to open each covered plate with a growling belly! (Can you imagine that? hehe)

In short, Jack suggested to cut the servings by putting the meals in one plate! (Jack is a smart farmer! ;P )

Since then, the cook arrange the portions of the meal and serve him in one-big-yellow plate!

One day, a very curious customer saw a waiter serving Jack his meal and demanded to have the same order. The clueless waiter tried to explain "Para ken ni Manong Jack laeng didiay." (It's for Mr. Jack only.) BUT, the curious customer whose also a persistent-demanding customer said "Kayak met nga agbayad uray manu didiay, ikanak iti maysa. (I can pay for it, give me one)"The rest is history!"

*Sorry for my poor translation, but you get the gist. :3

Thanks to the rule that "customers are always right", especially to the curious-persistent-demanding customer, Jack's Rice was now open to public! :P

We ate here like a hundred times, and even when the restaurant's menu gets larger, all my hubby wants was his Jack's Rice with his original sawsawan (sauce) of mixed catsup, soy sauce, calamansi and red hot chili. :)

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