Saturday, February 25, 2012

HDI Wellness

Aside form nutrition during pregnancy, I took initiative to search for more, for what can I do more to become a better host for my growing little bean. My aunts and mom introduced me to High Dessert Products! I took time to search about the products and I decided to take the Royal Jelly in liquid and tablet, Clover Honey and Bee Propolis.. :)

Royal Jelly: Be Forever Young!

It is called the bee's milk and only the queen bee feeds on royal jelly her entire life hence she outlive the regular bees 40 times, became 50% larger than the rest and is able to lay 2000 eggs per day! ;)

-delays ageing process

- increase collagen production for youthful-looking skin, and its a good fight against stretchmarks!

- promotes cell regeneration

-restore vitality

-increase calcium absorption to prevent osteoporosis, and it helps baby to build stronger bones and teeth

-plus, it helps prevent cancer and infertility! more babies! :D

-comes in two forms, viscous liquid and tablet

Liquid Royale Jelly
The liquid royale jelly tastes bitter-sweet, I took one teaspoon a day and cost Php2390/$57 for 5.2 oz.
Royal Jelly Tablet
I took this 1 tablet a day. Tastes milky sweet, I chew this like candy! Cost Php773/$19 for 30 tablets.

Bee Propolis: Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotic!

As an effective natural antibiotic, it builds up body's natural protection against germs, bacteria and viruses which pregnant women are more susceptible. High antioxidant content, it strengthen our immune system and prevent us from getting sick including baby. :P

-anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Good defense against yeast infection during pregnancy!

- power antioxidant

-strengthens immune system. Remember, pregnant women are prone to flu and cold because the immune system lowers its defense to accept the growing baby

-heals infections

-speed up recovery from illness, or from giving birth. A perfect partner in preparing delivery!

Bee Propolis
I used to take this as a candy when I was little, but it taste bitter, and I find it hard to swallow... Cost Php1280/$31 for 60 tablets.

Clover Honey: A Healthy Treat!

Clover Honey is naturally unprocessed to ensure the highest amounts of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Great for digestive system because it enhances the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat! :)

- heavy pregnant women are prone to constipation and HDI clover honey promotes bowel movement and relieves constipation and cleans digestive tracts

-maintains balance of good bacteria and inhibits bad bacteria in the tummy just like lactobacillus drinks and yogurt

-helps heal wounds faster

Clover Honey
I can swallow a spoonful of this everyday, also best replacement for sugar in hot tea and good substitute for diabetics. 500 gm costs Php750/$18.

These products surely helps mom-to-be and baby stay healthy along the way...

It's good to know that I'm doing my best for my baby. A happy mom means a happy baby, so a healthy mom means a healthy baby! Cheers to good health!

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