Saturday, February 25, 2012

GOODSKINLAB Intense Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum

I was looking for something that'll help me with my skin. It's breaking out and I'm a little worried about it.
Just in time, held a collaborated contest with GSL held on GoodSkinLab facebook page and...

Beautynomics SMooth Skin In Seconds Winner
I WON!!!
Here's the goodie bag!

and here is the product!

GoodSkinLab Smooth-365 is an Intensive Clarity+Smoothing Peptide Serum.
According to GoodSkinLab:
"For intensive skin clarity, use only Smooth-365, with smoothing peptide serum. As Dr Paul Jarrod Frank puts it, “one of the hottest compounds in anti-aging medicine today is peptides. These proteins stimulate natural collagen production to help provide smooth texture and tone.
"Smooth-365 delivers a combination of peptides and optical diffusers for both an immediate and long-term visible effect," says Dr Paul Jarrod Frank. Peptides stimulate natural collagen production, thus helping smoothen texture and tone!"

GSL Smooth-365 is available on 30mL tube  can last up to 24months and is best used as a primer for fresh and semi-matte finished make up look. It is also a moisturizer with SPF.

What I noticed the first time I use this was that my skin was instantly smooth! Plus, the smell is not that strong, just a mild nail polish like scent that disappear immediately.

My fingers glide on with the product and it really is true to its promise! I immediately feel the improvement on my skin, its like its filling in holes hence smoothens the surface of my skin, making it easier for me to apply foundation evenly.

Velvety smooth indeed!

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