Saturday, February 25, 2012


I grew up watching this film, and I never got tired of adoring the gang and their mischief...
It's about the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" of local school aged boys who took oath not to play with girls. Their president
decided that they will enter again to the annual go-cart race using their very own cart;
and the racers would be him as the president and his best friend Alfalfa which is a very not active club member.

Speaking of not-so-active member, Alfalfa skipped the meeting, hence they search to tell him he'll be the one to join the race but saw him in a romantic boat ride with his secret sweetheart, Darla!
Darla and Alfalfa
The boys tried to sabotage their date but failed...

The He-Woman Haters members started spying on the couple because of the club's rule of forbidding its club members to play with including having a romantic relationship with girls! Thinking they have to save Alfalfa! LoL

The trouble begins! Aside from their new problem with the romantic date, the club house causes fire, which means they don't have a club house anymore! They tried to call the fire department but neither Buckwheat nor Porky knew 911.. hehe And the cart "Blur" was stolen by bullies, Woim and Butch to use for the go-cart race. SMH

Alfalfa is the center of the menace! He also had a rivalry with Waldo, a rich school aged boy who eyed Darla for himself plus the fact that he has an amazing cart to use for the race while the gang's Blur just got stolen and clubhouse just got burned! All of the mayhem affected Spanky and Alfalfa's friendship too...

After all the trouble, the gang make it through the go-cart race by building an improvised "Blur-2", Alfalfa won Darla over Waldo, the bestfriends become bestfriends again, they got "Blur" from Woim and Butch plus they won the racing cup with $500 winning cash that they will use to build a new and improved clubhouse, this time the "He-Woman Haters Club" has a "Welcome Women" sign that makes Darla and her girlfriends join the club!

Light at heart, childish and extraordinarily good! Best film for all ages! What more can I ask for, Alfalfa got me by his waving ears!

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