Friday, February 24, 2012

Matabungkay Beach Resort, Batangas

Summer is approaching! So, i thought it would be appropriate to share with you guys one of the summer vacation getaway we had last year where we tour our foreign friends from Poland! And it's the overviewing of Taal Volcano and an afternoon at

Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel :)
 where coral reef species are everywhere under the sea floor and it's so near to Taal Volcano you can take a hike. Here is the view of the entrance
i love the landscape!
Heidi and Sabrina on my sides
water lilies with goldfish
The pathways are always clean and well maintained. And I could say that the place is good for camwhoring! Wahahaha! XD
perfect greenery!
dirt pathways
These pathways snake the area that leads to several resort facilities which includes
aside from those above, there's the Cogon Bar, Function Rooms for occasions, spa, sauna, water sports and souvenir shops! :)
Aside from swimming and soaking under the sun, you can rent a boat for $23 dollars per hour
boat dock
that you could use for snorkeling and boat riding. We did rent a boat but I didn't dare bring my camera without its water proof accessory! *sigh* Oh well, moving on... If you wanna take your cottage to the next level, you could also rent
floating cottage
for the same price. This resort is best for snorkeling and scuba diving because the shallow parts of the beach are coral reefs which means there's a lot of pointy rocks, small fishes, sea snakes, jellyfish and sea urchins! And there's no way you could put a castle sand on the seashore because the sides of the beach are mostly pebbles and stones... It's a good thing the resort also includes
adult pools
kiddie pool
There's more! They have place for camping sites that are perfect for school overnight trips! The camping site includes a basketball court, small cottages, tables and chairs,
climbing playground
life-size chess board
coin wishing well
We spent the rest of the afternoon in a boat ride, with me holding on to my life vest because the waves are crazy high! LoL
And for a short trip to the beach,
we did have fun!

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