Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Foam

Dove contains 1/4 moisturizing milk in all their products and this facial form moisturizes while cleansing the skin. The milk ingredient deposits and locks moisture in wet skin making it more radiant.

I find Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Foam gentle on skin, smells good and it really DOES moisturize skin! ;)

Dove Facial Wash
This is perfect for normal to dry skin because of it staying true to its promise. :)

But since I'm currently oily, the moisture in the morning lately become additional excess oil in the middle of the day. It doesn't break me out but gave me hard time wiping my face with oil control sheet and puffing in pressed powder during hot and humid days, but inside air-conditioned establishment and during my stay in Baguio it's pretty good. :)

I guess I should focus on clearing my skin from pimples before using this Dove product again because this is intended for maintaining good moisturized skin, not from fighting oil, pimples and acne.

Have you tried Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Foam before?


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