Friday, March 30, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Today, March 31 marks Earth Day 2012 and as an individual I want to share my simple ways on saving Mother Earth. Here's my daily act of green!
  • sleep with lights close
  • brush teeth not with water running but with a glass of water
  • separating degradable and recyclable materials
  • recycle plastic bags and container
  • when shopping, I use my own plastic bag like my mom does
  • when checking my atm balance, I don't ask for receipt that i will just throw away later, like my dad does
  • not throwing candy wrappers anywhere!
  • recycling used paper
  • not switching the lights in the morning
  • carpooling, all my family members to that :)
  • not burn any plastic and rubber
And as another way of  showing my care, here are the pledges that i will do to extend my hands more in helping saving our home
  • will plant trees and plants, will make my own mini garden
  • will use energy-efficient appliances and bulbs
  • will help support groups that take care of endangered animals
  • will support eco-friendly designs as a structural engineer
  • will share my advocacy to everyone i encounter

and by that, check out my embedded widget (on the upper right portion of this blog)  i got from  and share your Acts of Green!


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