Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Things About Me

HELLO APRIL! It's Summer Time! Woohoo!

Hey everyone, this post is kind of different from the rest because it's about me. Aside from about me. Here are some random facts about mwuah:
  • my favorite hangout is a library. i can be stuck inside a room full of library, with a soft cushion chair and a table with finger-foods and hot coffee or chocolate, and read away!
    would really love to have a classic cozy library like this one! :D
  • I'd rather wash the dirty dishes than cook meals with hot frying oil flying everywhere! :O
  • I'm an owl and a light sleeper, small sound can wake me up
  • here's my comfort food and my top three yogurts.
  • it is not yet obvious that im a home body? i prefer being locked inside my room doing my scrapbook, reading or writing
  • rain weighs more than the scorching heat of the sun!
  • my favorite board game is word factory or boogle
  • aside from the
I drew on my belle de jour power planner 2011, I once draw my
and won myself a Sunpiology. :P
  • I do love to swim! :) Always dream to swim a the dolphin's back, ironically, I easily get cramps, and since I'm a little over 5' in height, I can't do more than float and dive a 6' of water. o_O
  • I'm expecting a baby boy this summer, and I'm loving my pregnant body! :P
I also wanna know some significant random facts about you too, so comment down below! :)


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