Saturday, September 17, 2011

FOOD TRIP: Yougurts!

I wanna reduce eating junks to give room for the healthy stuffs. And the thing that I first think of, are those good foods that'll help my tummy to become strong enough to carry on the junks I love to eat including pizza, burger, pasta, processed foods like hotdogs and franks, ready to eat noodles, canned goods like sausages and spanish-style fried sardines and all the preservatives added to it. I imagine the 'good food' as soldiers attacking the 'bad' bacteria in my digestive tract. Amazing!
The Benefits of Yougurts
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  • prevents osteoporosis
  • reduce risk of high blood pressure
  • helps certain gastrointestinal conditions such as:
    • lactose intolerance
    • constipation
    • diarrhea
    • colon cancer
    • inflammatory bowel disease
  • may help you feel fuller

My Top Three Yougarts: 

CaliforniaBerry - tastes good, comes with different flavours from freshly cut fruits, to cookies and sweets and different sizes from small, medium and large. its nonfat, so guilt free!

photo courtesy of californiaberry fb page
The White Hat -BDJ introduces me to this yougart. tastes good, comes with different flavours from freshly cut fruits to cookies, nuts and sweets, comes with regular and large combos. yougarts can also be served with on top of waffles, 2% fat but 0% trans fat!

Yoswrils - the sweetest among the three. tastes good, and like the others it comes with different flavours, but most of their fruits were not freshly cut, but canned.
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If your in a strict diet, Californiaberry and The White Hat are the best options for you. But, if you want to enjoy it a little bit more sweeter, you'll go with Yoswirls.

When I was little, my aunt used to make home-made yougarts.. The mothermilk which is a soured cream milk is mixed and stirred with fresh milk. :) She do her yogarts the chinese way. Best part was, we get to choose our flavours to mixed with it because the main yougart is plain! 

If you want a quickie yougarts, there are ready-to-eat yougarts in the supermarkets that comes with different variety like plain, with fruit bits, flavoured jelly and in juice form!

Health is wealth! And remember, we should try to make food as our medicine as much as possible! :P


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