Saturday, September 10, 2011

MY ENTRY TO iamsuperbianca

Hi gals and guys,

i wanna share to you my entry to Ms. Bianca Gonzales' blog giveaway..

if you wanna read her blog, click here.
if you wanna read her giveaway, click  here.

The mechanic of the giveaway is simple. We just have to choose which of her blog post is our favorite and why. 
Below is my answer. ENJOY! :D

What brings me in your blog?

 i always wonder and wish (and i actually have a hunch) that beauty and brains like you have a blog. to share your real life experience in and out of showbiz. i personally liked you and Toni among other female celebrities because of some obvious reasons. and recently ko lang nahanap ang blog mo. :) and im enjoying it! thanks for sharing a part of yourself to us.Favorite blogpost: my name is joseton. (oct 29, 2004)
Why: since childhood, my dad fancied me to become an engineer like him.. he even bought me my own hard hat and math books to start off..
when a free summer workshop was offered to our school, i attended the radio electronic workshop where we get to create our very own radio (yay!) instead of choosing the baking class (where all of the girls are).
your boyish quality number 1 & 2 however is my opposite, im so girly and maarte and crafty.. i try to pose like Aiza Segguerra's little miss philippines style on cam, i try to get my hands on as much as make up, nail polishes and beauty products that i could get. When i hit high school, my notebooks where like mini scrapbook with pop out design and frames, that when i entered college the first comment of my prof on my first plate (plate = project) was that my hand writing are so curvy i should try to use a ruler to write a straight line. hindi raw bagay sa engineering student ang ganoong hand writing, dapat daw parang font sa blueprint..
#3 like katy perry, i used to be like 'one of the boys', although may girlfriends ako, mas marami akong guy friends, mga kabanda nung high school at dahil na rin sa nature ng course ko, na experience ko nang maging construction worker with the guys, go to the project site all rugged and dirty (not to mention smelly with pawis, alikabok etc!) its hard and its FUN! walang drama kapag platonic guy friends ang kasama, laging masaya!
natawa tlga ako sa reason #4 mo, i imagine your mom and dad's quizzical facial expressions when the doctor announced that jose antonio was actually a baby girl, hehe reminds me of a movie (forgot the title) about a stern king demanding to have a grandson then in the end it turned out to be a very beautiful baby girl who melts the king's heart. <3
i had thoughts on the advantages of being a boy, exactly as how you describe it on your blog, i even wished to become a guy just for a day, but, since reality is always there to knock me out of my fantasy, i realize, hey! i am enjoying myself being a girl, i especially like girls doing things like a dude, and sometimes even better! it was awesome to see Megan Fox all sweaty and dirty while gearing up the auto.. the examples are endless! :D

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