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Belle de Jour Power Planner plus Review

Hi Bellas,

Okay. So this is my first year with Belle de Jour Power Planner. And guess what?I'm LOVING IT!
And of course, I want to share the love and the awesome experience I'm having to you! I'm so excited at first I don't know where to start! hehe

This is what my BDJ 2011 looks like now

I so LOVE the wear n' tear effect!
The cover itself takes my breath away! I bought mine last year at Venice Piazza McKinley Hill BDJ Fair!

Beware Bellas, this is not your ordinary planner! Its like a journal, planner, scrapbook, qoutes and freebies in one! Let's look inside!
  • 2011 Goals - make your goals specific and realistic, this page will keep you focus on things you really wanna achieve.
  • Vision and Mission Statement - as for me, "I am beautiful in my own unique way!"  is my vivid description, by this I'm encourage to do things my way!
  • Dream Board - the dream board is my favourite spot! this is where you could jot down as for my case draw down my dreams whether its for real or surreal! 
describe your dreams: could I just draw it?
For me, its about flying with the butterflies!
Swim!!! and Explore the depths of the sea and oceans! (starfish)
I will someday travel the moon and write my name in its soil... (moon)
Into the wilderness of the sunflower field! (i wanna go sunflower hunting someday! :P)
Collect Snail Shell!
To cherish my profession! (hard hat)
Have a kid or two (baby girl)
Travel the World! (To the Beaches of Greece, Gladiators in Rome, Wall of China or Lights of Paris maybe)
  • Habit Tracker - good or bad, this section will help you enhance it or get rid of it!
  • 2011 BDJ Checklist - bored? lack of things to do? this 100 must-do checklist gives you interesting ideas and things to do and share with friends and family! So far, I've checked 42 out of 100 in these items! hehe *pat in the back :3
  • Menstrual Tracker and Health Checklist -Health is wealth! Make sure to periodically visit this page! the menstrual tracker is also a big help when visiting your doctor.
  • Christmas Gratitude Gift List - this is actually a chrismast gift list, but Im fond of giving things even in an ordinary day! That makes it more surprising and special!
  • Vacation Planner - there are two pages for these exciting planner! Includes the What, When, Who, Where and How, Budget, Transportation, Accommodations, Itinerary, Things to Bring, and Notes
  • Special Events Tracker - can be use to track down anniversaries, special events, or the whole year round sale of your favourite brand of shoes, clothings, bags or accessories! This will help you not to miss those specials out!
  • Monthly Views
my first 2011 month is jam packed and hectic!
Perry the Platypus in agent mode is there (see him?) to help me! Thanks to this planner, I conquer stress and multiple tasks like a piece of cake! At the top right you could see the three small calendar of last month, present month and next month. Below that you could see the BIG ROCKS which represents the Professional and Personal Long Term Goals. Next to that is the Important Events for the current month, the Gratitude List and Good Deeds. Below the monthly view are the Scribbles where like me, you could draw Perry the Platypus in pet mode and Expanding Horizons for whatever you wanna post there!
  • WeeklyViews
I will please only the people I deem worhty to be my 'loved ones'.
That is the caption placed on that week to boost self-esteem! Top left shows the Most Important Things to Accomplish where you could put your priorities for week. Errands to Run is there to remind you what you need to fetch for the current week like bills to pay, or things to be fixed. Things to follow up like payments and things we need to wait for. Random thought is the box where you could put your 'great idea' or and epic tweet maybe? Everyday have a time schedule that you could disregard if not needed. very convenient, right!
  • Bills and Cash Flow Tracker - stop being impulsive! this will help you realize what's the real score between your bills, your wallet and your wardrobe!
  • Emergency Information - we hate it to happen, but we can never tell, so get yourself ready! fill this out with up-to-date infos and numbers.
  • Random Thoughts - as we live, we learn and dream, put that mementos and highlights here!
  • 2011 - 2012 Mini Calendar - comparing when will the third Monday of the fourth month of this year and next year will be? This mini calendar at the back is ready for help! ;)
Wait... There's more! :D
BDJ Planner now comes with "Belle de Jour Lifestyle Card"! This gorgeous card is your access to fabulous discounts and freebies! Yay!
Talk about having the IT lifestyle, you could use this card for the following brands:
  • VENICE PIAZZA at McKinley Hill
  • ACE Water Spa 
  • BARRE 3
  • BIZU Patisserie and Bistro
  • CUPCAKES by Sonja
  • BAYO
  • COLEMAN: The Outdoor Company
  • CMG (Celine Mix Group)
  • BROWHAUS The Brow Salon
  • CBTL (The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)
  • CLARITY (Aesthetic Medical & Dental Centers)
  • FH| folded&hung
  • H&E (Heaven & Eggs)
  • STRIP Ministry of Waxing
  • HEALTHWAY Medical
  • LeDonne
  • PET EXPRESS: The Dog and Cat Shop
  • SCHU
  • Shuji Kida HAIR SALON
  • WATSONS: your personal store
  • SO! F.A.B.
  • VNC
  • The White Hat: Italian Frozen Yogurt
  • CHEF'S TABLE (We designed the sanitary plan of Chef's table in Taguig City! What a great coincidence!)
Fantastic! I know! That takes my breath away! Woo Hoo!

Become an IT girl and join Bell de Jour Power Planner on FB by clicking here.
I hope you enjoy this review! Thanks to Ms. Darlyn Ty for sharing her own DIY personalized planner to us! I cant wait for BDJ 2012! woo hoo!
Comment below if you have any questions on this planner. Have one already? Share your thoughts on this awesome planner!

Loves, Kisses, Hugs, Baby Farts and Square Roots!



  1. i love the planner...pls inform me.if the 2012 is already avail.^^and ofcourse the kabuki...i wish to have one>>>.

  2. hi gerilen! great post! I had a BDJ journal before and I agree its a great thing to have especially if you have lots of things to do. I had mine last 2010. I wasn't able to buy the 2011 version because someone already gave me a planner for this year. Will def get one for 2012! :) keep it up! :D

  3. @Photoescape - i saw the cover of the BDJ 2010, and i liked it better, filipiniana theme also planning to get the 2012 planner,and i hope to see you in the BDJ 2012 Launch this Oct. thanks po!

  4. next year, i'll have BDJ as my planner! :0

  5. hello sister gerilen :D so nice i love this ^^~

  6. i want to win this pls..i like it..


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