Friday, September 09, 2011

Casa Vallejo

Casa Vallejo is one of the oldest buildings in Baguio City that surpasses the 1990 earthquake! (Yay to the structural designer!) :D
One of the things I love about this place is its aged and vintage style!

Rumour has it, this building used to be a hospital, spooky but awesome! Its been renovated and retrofitted to preserve its wooden structure and at the same time making it stable and safe against future weather disturbances.

Its brought back to life and serves as a small-unique-boutique hotel located at the heart of Philippines Summer Capital, Baguio City, Session Road. The location is perfect for those searching tranquillity but can't afford to leave the town. 'Nature' on your left and 'The City' on your right! :D

Casa Vallejo is subdivided to give a better quality service! Just the place for intimate and private break from the hustle and noisy city!

Casa Vallejo is close to my heart! Why, this is where we had our second honeymoon! ;P

  • The Casa Vallejo: Hotel

The Casa contains 24 rooms which is classified as Standard, Deluxe, Honeymoon and Family Room. Every room is a mixture of technology and classic! Like having a flat screen tv and a wooden ceiling fan. Other amenities included are cable, WIFI access, hot & cold shower, writing desk and couch, built-in cabinet rack with drawers and an NDD/IDD Phone.  :D

sophisticated resemblance: room key and the signage
Hotels today usually have card swipes for room security, but Casa Vallejo preferred it classy by using traditional doorknob lock and key, like the good ol'e age!
Outside View of the Corner of the Staircase

Hallway on 1st Floor

Photo Courtesy of Casa Vallejo Baguio
  • Hill Station: Tapa Bar and Restaurant

Dining Area
<-This is the hallway leading down to the Hill Station located at the lower ground floor of the building. 
Hill Station is perfect for special occasions from weddings, functions, catering services and even a private dinner reservation!
The Hill Station is offering the 'Flavors of Old Baguio'. They serve delicious comfortable foods which uses spices and condiments that will remind you of the history of Baguio City!
  • North Haven SPA
Entrance to North Haven Spa
Get yourself a spa the indigenous way! When I entered the hallway, I smell the strong roses! Instantly, I felt relax! The aura is so unwinding!  :D I actually saw rose petals along the hallway, like leading me to go inside and lay down, shut my eyes and loosen up my anxiety! I sucked up the smell on my nose *inhale and release it *Gahhhhhhhhhh..
  • MT Cloud Bookshop
Photo Courtesy of Casa Vallejo Baguio
When we visited the place, MT Cloud Bookshop is still in progress so we didn't get the chance to drop by.. But when we returned to Baguio and we're on our way to SM, we intentionally drop by the Casa and saw that its up! This is looooooove!!! Bookworms like me feel fuzzy when surrounded by good books! :P I felt relaxed and comfty!

Hang on! There's more! Aside from the newly open bookshop, Casa Vallejo is now offering what they called 'Casa Vallejo Extreme'! 

  • Car Rental - Baguio to Manila, Sagada, Banaue and near by areas and vice versa
  • Outdoor Trips - these trips will help you discover Benguet and nearby provinces and make your vacation extraordinary!
    • Backpacking - quick hikes to Mt. Pulag, Mt. Ugo and Mt. Cabuyao
    • Surfing - San Juan, La Union
    • City Tour - get more of what you pay for! short vacation, complete tour!
    • Mountain Biking - Baguio and Sagada Trails
    • Waterfalls - Hike and Swim at San Juan, La Union
    • White Water Rafting - Chico River, Mt. Province and Anabel to Chap-ay
Check Casa Vallejo Baguio by clicking here.

Where are you planning to spend your next vacation? Do you have a wishlist or any favorite place to stay? Share your thoughts by commenting down below! I would love to read what you think about!


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