Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prize Mail from

woo hoo! I've won! (heck! my sister's calling me gaga over my contest addiction... lol)
 I just can't help it! (who doesn't anyway?)
Anyhow, I would like to share to you my recent winnings! *shiny eyes* every now and then share giveaways, contests and freebies. The one I've won was an international giveaway. (I make sure I'm entering an international contest or at least it is locally held or else the efforts would be useless!) The prize? Wet n' Wild Nail Polishes! *gasp* made my heart skip a beat! lol
Wet n' Wild is not locally available in my area, so this is very much attractive to me! Plus, they are known for their good quality products! There are four winners. And as I blabber about it, I'm one of four!

Here are the prizes:

please forgive the mocha frap and the gadgets.. I'm just got so excited, I didn't wait to get home first before  taking the snap shots...
her cute business card
a sweet personal note

<--- check her fabulous card, very stylish!
a personal note can make a heart melt, <3 <3 <3--------->

Here are the main prizes.
These nail paints are from the 'buffy the violet slayer' and 'the gold and the beautiful' fast dry collections. Ring a bell? The collections name are ridiculously fun! lol Wait till you see the fun names of the polishes!
All of them were place in a huge easy-grip 13.5mL bottle! That's a lot of product! Yay! Now, I can splurge on doing the water marble nail art! Gahhhhhhhhhhh... I can't wait!
Check out the ingredients! Beware: naked fingernails... lol
gently peel off the label to see what these goodies are made off...
Moving on, here are the details on each collections.

The 'buffy the violet slayer' as indicated on its name contains hue near to purple and it's neighbouring hue in the color wheel which are the Hannah Pinktana, Blue Wants to be a Millionaire and Teal of Fortune... All are shimmery and lusciously glittered!
buffy the violet slayer trio
dark shade of reddish amaranthine
the red side of purple
sumptuous turquoise color
moody but not blue :)
greenish bluish gloss
green and blue opposing each other
 'the gold and the beautiful' collection is a mixture of neon bright and dark colours that are simply exquisite which contains Silvivor, FuschiaRama and The Wonder Yellows! The polishes are in cream and matte combination...
the gold and the beautiful trio
cream shade of rich silver
gives a metallic twist

matte paint of fuschia pink

show off a dramatic look
cream of yellow jade with sparks
reminds me of a mango purée
Vee surprise me every time! Not just how chic and smart she is when it comes to fashion, but by being so unbelievably generous! <3

Aside from the real prizes, she bought some Jordana products and add it in the package.. :P

"just pearly" eyeliner and "sizzling summer" eyeshadow pencil

the "golden sun" eyeshadow
shimmer pallete - perfectly paired with my 'buffy' polishes!
I think I'm more than a winner, I won a friend I could trust. I believe her honest reviews, and her smart lifestyle awes me!

Check the her website here.
Like DimeOnADime on Facebook here.
Follow her on Twitter here.


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