Friday, September 16, 2011

Banangan, Sablan

I've been there for several times, of different reasons...

I've stayed there for quite a long time, too.

And now, it would be an offense not to share the beauty of this beautiful side of Benguet.

I present you - my experiences thru pictures.

 This place is really a haven away from the busy city life. Here, there is peace and quiet. You can release stress and feel calm, simply because the lifestyle here is very simple.

Rain is usual.

Sablan is a nearby province of Baguio City and is a municipality of Benguet. It is along the national highway of Naguillan Road in-between Baguio and La Union. Like Baguio, Sablan is way much cooler than Manila! 

We have to bring extra bed sheets, socks, bonnet and we never forget to bring our jackets.

There are obviously a lot of animals to see here. I know it maybe typical for others, but for me this is a whole new level! We rarely see livestock in Manila unless it was chopped and frozen!

Domestic cats and dogs are everywhere. Free to roam around. Cats usually don’t have names while two of the dogs were named Osang and Bulding – it is, I think is an Iloco term for ‘one-eyed-pup’.

Cordillerans are fond of eating dog meat because it is known that the ‘meat’ can heat up the body which people here like, especially during cold rainy season. But now, thank goodness, it’s not an everyday thing anymore, as far as I know...

spot the duck
Livestock includes ducks and geese; we saw one running around the highway. Chickens and roosters, doves and other kinds of birds are getting fewer but we can still see three or four.

this is so curious!
 The goats here are very well fed. There's a lot of grasses and plants they could choose from. They are free to go wherever they want because they themselves know when, where and how to go home. 
We are raising goats, and maybe soon we’ll be having lambs too to make it complete.
reminds me of a rabbit in a fable
so cute!
Rabbits are my recently favourite farm animals! They’re so soft, cute and so lovable. I love how they nibble, the sounds to me seems like that the food is so crunchy!
so adorable!
Snakes and frogs are common here as well. I’ve tried eating frogs too... They were okay and tastes like chicken.
Green is in! Trees and plants, vines and grasses are everywhere! Farming is the main source of living here. From root crops to hanging plants, flowers, plants and trees, the soil is just perfect for almost all kinds of vegetation. 

newly harvested sweet potatoes

this is so delicious!
Rain also helps a lot for a great harvest, unless it’s a tropical storm or froze bite.

Sunflower bloom everywhere during summer! If you know me, one of my dreams is to go sunflower hunting! As I drawn it in my BDJ dream board: into the sunflower fields!

I will continue to discover other parts of Sablan the next time I'll visit the place. I didn't get the chance to go swimming on the falls and go hiking on the nearby hills and mountains. Maybe one day. :)


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