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SIGMA Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80 + Review

Yay! Its my first ever Sigma! and I got it for free! I've won it on a youtube giveaway!

Thanks Ms. Kala for this very awesome gift! She's a beauty guru on youtube. Check her out! You can see Ms. Beautiefreak92's Super Exciting Giveaway by clicking here.

This is so gorgeous! I received the package from the post office.
And I fell in-love with the brush the first time I saw it, I even got a personalized letter from Sigma with my name in it!

aint that sweet?

three fold brochure included

inside the brochure
 Its so sweet!

What's more! It comes with a red satin pouch, and a handle and brush protector!

This is like a dream come true! I know I may sound cheesy and all, BUT, everyone gotta have their first times, right?

I used it since then, and now its my all-time favourite brush!

Things I Like:

  • fast shipping - i live in the Philippines and it only takes two weeks before i receive it, how fast is that?
  • durable - i tend to put extra pressure in patting my foundation to set it yet the bristles are not falling out. did i say 'even with intense pressure'?
  • perfect bristle height - the bristles are not too short that you could feel the handle dipping in your face and not too long that it bends when you put too much pressure. its just perfect!
Close up picture of the brush's head
(Picture Courtesy of SigmaBeauty.Com )
  • very dense - the stiffness is just right as well, it concentrates on setting the product on skin, not just dabbing it on. Its fun applying foundation using this brush.
see how dense and packed it is?
  • very soft bristles - compared to other synthetic brushes, its crazy soft! 
  • no skin irritation - before using this brush, I used to rely on cheap unbranded foundation brush and I started to have reddish small chicken-pox-like zits, which is called 'skin irritation'! (I know! It's a lesson learned the hard freaking way!) The brush literally scratched my face off! And that's the same reason why this brush is included to my all-time paburito (favourite)! The brush is made to buff products gently on my skin, not to plant reddish zits!
  • airbrush effect - by buffing the product correctly and consistently to the entire face and neck including the portions near the hair line, ears and neck, you could actually achieve the air brush effect, you couldn't tell where the foundation starts and ends. Flawless!
  • no smell - synthetic brushes normally smells like plastic and toxins.. But, oh goodness! It doesn't smell to me. 
  • long thick handle - I'm not really a fan of kabuki brushes because they are usually short, my hands usually cramped while using it. Not to mention, its hard to get a good grip while trying to control the amount your putting on your face and at the same time, trying to reach the areas that needs extra blending. So the long thick handle is a no-brainer solution!
(Picture Courtesy of SigmaBeauty.Com )
  • can be bought individually - makes sense to me. Why buy the whole package if I'm short in budget and needed only one piece? :D
Products I can use it for:
  • liquid foundation 
  • pressed face powder
  • crème foundation
  • crème blush/bronzer
  • blush/bronzer cake
  • loose finishing powder
Things I Don't Like:
  • not locally available - can only be bought on-line
  • long time to dry - when its time to 'take a deep cleaning bath', this brush takes forever to dry! and its so inconvenient!  it took me like two to three days before its completely ready to use again.
WHAT I DO: since, I have no pride of being patient enough to wait for it to dry, I cheat! lol What I do is frequently clean it using unscented extra soft, alcohol-free wet wipes! *winks*
  • excessive use of product - because of its density, it tends to suck up the product inside its bristles so be careful in using this especially with liquid products.
WHAT I DO: to maximize the liquid products and to expand the usage of the brush before cleaning it, I usually put the exact amount of the product in the back of my hand before using the brush to pick and spread it!

  • Eco Tool Retractable Kabuki Brush
  • E.L.F. Studio Powder Flat Top Brush
  • Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

The Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki - F80 Brush is $16.00 in US, you can buy it on-line at Official Sigma Beauty Website.

I love this brush and will always will! I hope and I knew you will love it too! <3 <3 <3

I hope you find this review very helpful. Feel free to ask any questions related to this brush in the comment box. You own it already? Tell me what you think about it. :D

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