Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BDJ forget-me-not Notebooks + Review

Good News Girls! Belle de Jour Power Planner didn't just stop in making an awesome planner, they also created notes we should not forget.. :D
Forget-Me-Not Notebooks
So far, BDJ have four (4) different kinds of forget-me-not notebooks which serves different kinds of purpose in different colours with different graphics as well. The first page of each notebook contains a unique poem that is posted by phrases in its entire content. Very inspiring indeed! :P
  • BDJ Essentials
Poem: Why Every Woman is Beautiful? by Anonymous
BDJ Essentials
This notebook is in luscious red colour cover with a very cool graphic of a Bella with a cup of (i would guess it) coffee.. :P This is best use for projects at home, school or work!
Hate missing out on occasions and things? Worry not! The Important Event Tracker will help you list out the important events you need to attend to for the whole year round!
It also includes a Project Planner that'll give you extra help to chop down task into bite size pieces so to speak, its like making a long winding road transformed into simple stepping stones.

Inside BDJ Essential: Notes

This notebook has a lot of spaces intended for brainstorming of ideas, random thoughts and scribbles. I especially love the almost there grids for patterns, drawings and diagrams. I love how I can personalize the pages! Simply amazing! <3

Inside BDJ Essential: My List
 My List can help you track down anything from things to buy, things to do, clients names, project framework, foods to eat, must try places, movies to watch, books to read, whatever!
BDJ Essentials also have New Contact List for new friends we might meet along the way!
The Emergency Card is the last page, it can be detached and be use as a calling card, so spontaneous in making your network grow!

  • BDJ Basics
Poem: Beautiful Women by Fion Lim
BDJ Basics

In mint green color cover, this pocket size calendar can be a display in your cubicle table, use this for quick jots on immediate needs and changes. Every month has a place to note.

  • BDJ Chronicles
Poem: I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack
BDJ Chronicles
Priorities for the week, preparation for next week, things to follow up, list of random things are the things posted in the left side, while the right side as you can see on the picture below contains space with barely-there grids for alignments, drawing guides, etc.. anything for everything you ever wanna put there!

I'm reading Book 8 as you can see, its not yet complete! :P
If for example, like me, your reading Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, and like me (again) you wanna jot down all the badly disguises of Count Olaf on each book, then this notebook is for you! And below that you could even jot down the 13 shocking secrets of Lemony! It's that amazing!

You might ask why I already solved the mystery bounded by the 13 secrets, it is because I can't wait to read it before to know about it! In short, I cheat (a little bit)! lol

  • BDJ Favorites
Poem: The Gift of Friends by Karin Schaefer
BDJ Favorites
this note is a treasure we could keep forever! Track friends' important events like anniversaries, etc, this will help you become a better friend! lol In a way that, first, you won't miss his/her important date and you could show your appreciative side by planning ahead a gift/event/present you wanna give him/her on that special day! Plus, you could even personalize your gift by adjusting the budget, things on his/her wish list, etc... You make a buddy happy while not hurting your wallet! Wise!

Which color is your favorite?


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