Saturday, March 03, 2012

CLEAN and CLEAR Deep Action Cleanser with Rice Extract Oil

Oiliness is next to ugliness –oily face is where pimples and acne go wild! With redness, shiny dark skin oozing with something not-so good to touch or see! :/

And I know I'm an oil factory! Grrr... :3

I am in search for the best cleanser there is that'll suit my recently oily-acne prone easy-to-breakout skin. And I decided to give chance to
CLEAN and CLEAR Deep Action Cleanser
that has a rice extract oil which claims that its absorbing element helps get rid of excess oil for up to 8 hours. It works better to control oil, keeping skin shine-free for several hours.  It is completely oil-free and promises not over-dry skin.

First thing I noticed was the smell, I honestly don't like the smell that much. It's like brine rice, kept my nose wrinkling for a couple of seconds... hehe Maybe it's just me... (IDK? Tell me what you think about it?)

But, don't judge the scrub by it's smell! This facial cleanser is a badass! ;) The beads works its wonders on deep pores removing dirt and traces of make up. A good defense against acne and really gives me shine-free hours! Less use of my oil control sheets and puffing off pressed powder! :D

Effective in cleaning and clearing skin and efficient because I can see and feel the difference after every wash! Instantly! :)


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