Saturday, March 10, 2012

Garnier Brightening Oil Control Scrub


My sister gave me a couple of these because she knew I'm in search for scrubs and cleanser for oily skin. It has eucalyptus extract and micro-beads! My sister loved this product the first time she used it! :) That's a good thing because I also consider her views...

It's quick to lather and easy to foam. Fortunately, no foul odor or anything close to that. It's smells of light eucalyptus and its minty and cool in the face, really refreshing especially during summer! ;)

It exfoliates dead skin cells effectively because of the obvious beads, you could actually touch the grains... 

After several use of this, my oily pimples started to slow down in production it actually dried out and peeled off, removes my excess oil instantly!

What's your say on this? :)

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