Sunday, March 04, 2012

INEX Grand Prize Won!

We won! Well, actually my dad is the real grand prize winner! He won just by raffling a ticket! :) Nice ey?

Here are the prizes! Some of the images here are blurred but I'll blogged about each of these products as we used it and hopefully my camera would cooperate! :P

Kenjitsu Energy Cooker
touchscreened buttons and fireless cooking plate

Fireless cooking plate, glass cover and touchscreened buttons, those are some of the few hightech features of INEXTRON Kenjitsu! See the purplish light on the left side of stove? That's actually infrared to be used for cooking. A-mazing! :)

two boxes of INEXWARE Flatwear Set
what's inside the box...

One box is enough, but winning two boxes? That's cool! Each set contains 24 pieces of silverware good for formal dine of 6 persons. It includes 6 dinner knives, 6 dinner forks, 6 soup spoons and 6 teaspoons.
INEXWARE Cookwares

This INEXWARE Cookwares are made from Germany. It comes in a big travelling bag like Loius Vittoin's. It includes several stainless steel pots, skillet, and accessories like drainer, mixing bowl, etc.. I didn't dig this up so much but if you wanna see more of this, just comment on the box section. :)
INEXTRON YUKI Multipurpose Cooker

This one's quite handy, it's a rice cooker and steamer in general! Perfect for those avoiding fried foods like my dad.. :) Steamed fish coming up!
INEX PURE Oxygenwater
the insides...

INEX PURE Oxygenwater makes tap water ALKALINE. :) The inside contains 6 different chambers that process water to remove contaminants while purifying, it decreases its pH level from acidic water to alkalized. Goodbye to purified water delivery! :P

This ozonizer is a purifier that kills bacteria and filter out wide range of contaminants using ozone; a form of oxygen but is not as stable as the common O2. Ozone is naturally present in the most upper levels of the atmosphere where it helps deflect ultraviolet radiation. :) This ozonizer can be use on washing vegetables, fruits and even meat products like fish, pork etc..
INEX Health EXY Body Fat Scale
This is not your typical scale, it can also calculate body fat! All you have to do is input some details like gender and height in its touchscreen button and step on that glass! Yes, it's a glass scale! :) Pretty cool, huh?
INEX Health Beauty and Infrared Heat Massager
One of my favorites! I already blogged about this awesome 7-in-1 massager! Check it out, by clicking here.
INEX Health Body Belt
Inside the Bag
What I like about INEX Health Body Belt is it's inside a bag, it means you can bring it anywhere! You can step on the treadmill while using this to body shaper in your tummy, thighs and arms.. :)

Are we done yet? 

Nope, not yet.

 Because the major prize is a brand new INEX Kiyoshi Massage Chair!
INEX Health Massage Chair
See grandma enjoying the massage! hehe It's a long soft-cushioned chair with arms and leg rests, that can be adjusted. The massage can be controlled from soft to hard massage, including legs or not.. :)

That wraps it up! :) Weeee! This is one of the awesome prizes we've won! Heck, its the grand prize! :D 


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