Monday, March 12, 2012

Victoria’s Secret’s Secret Charm

I’m recently on the look for different kind of lotions, body butters and creams that are super good smelling and at the same time is moisturizing my skin. :)And now that I’ve been running out of body butters that I posted in here.

I love my new finds! First is this Victoria’s Secret’s

Secret Charm
This is a hydrating body lotion that I also love to use as hand cream. Not too sticky and it dries fast but last decent enough! :)

This smells really good, I could just smell this and be relaxed instantly! It smells of honeysuckles, gala apple and stephanotis… :)

Plus, I love the packaging. It’s easy to squeeze, you don’t have to pump, all you have to do is press the top and lotion away!

Have you tried the Secret Charm before? What other lotions from Victoria’s Secret have you tried? ;)


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