Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seoul-ful Cosmetics Giveaway

Who wouldn't dance on a Kpop song?
Op... Op... Op... Op... Op...

Hahaha I know you continue the song in your mind. :P

Aside from good music and catchy songs, Koreans are known for their good quality skincare and make up products! And whether you're a pro, make up junkie, newbie or an enthuasiast, you know you want to try Korean make up goodies... And as a chance, Chic & Sassy Mom is giving away these...

Skin79 Mini Lip Gloss

Innisfree Jejubija Anti-trouble Starter Kit

Skin79 VIP Gold Super BB Cream 

Etude House Dressing Room Shower Gel

3 x Assorted SkinFood Masks

4 x  Somang RedFlo Camellia Shampoo

2 x Dermal Mask Sheets

2 x Nature Republic Mask Sheets

SkinFood Magic Hair Pad

SkinFood Gold Kiwi Gift Set

2 x Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence

Join now! ;)

eh eh.. eh eh eh.. eh eh eh.. 2ne1!


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