Saturday, November 17, 2012

E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner

I took up cosmetology as a TLE subject when I was in highschool, and eversince I learned how glamorous looks could be when eyeliners are on, I never ran out of pencil liners in different shades and sometimes when I feel like it, I use liquid eyeliners as well, brown and black are my staples and sometimes I have blue and green shades with glimmers too. I don't use cream liners and I wanna venture on one so I bought this

ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black

Mind you, this is my first ever cream liner! Imma makeup junkie newbie, I know! And it's a bit cheaper than the Fanny Serrano Cream Eyeliners but I wanna try it out too! ^^

It's so creamy looking and super black, I got too excited to use this! :D So far, so good! I love this cream liner, it's so smooth and it glides on!
Here's some of my shots using the cream liner. :)
whoops! someone forgot to slap a lipstick on!
I have oily lids and I don't put eye primer, but if I pat on some dark eyeshadow on it, it will last a day. :) And I think that's more good than enough for a newbie like me. This cream eyeliner however tends to go down my lower lash line making me looked liked a punched bear or a panda whenever I forgot not to smudge my eyes! hehe This is also a bad ass when it comes to "removing", so you better have a good make up remover too! I'm fine with the brush but I just hope the handle was a lot longer and I was actually thinking of buying a separate brush. What do you think?I just hope the entire bottle won't dry out, or else I'll end up mixing extra petroleum jelly on it just to have the gliding viscosity that I want. :)
I actually have a love-hate relationship on this one. Do you? What other cream liners out there should I try?

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