Saturday, November 24, 2012

Socialites Driving School - Enrollment

Clouds like cotton candies, sun pouring rays on everything, birds racing beside me and I flipping the aeroplane wings around and around and one more

- that is how I depict myself driving!
*press pause button here*
Okay that was me daydreaming .. I told the tale of how I love to swim the sky and still wish I could make that dream come true. Back to reality, I really don't have interest on driving, I never thought of myself driving my own car someday. You know the daydreaming of house and lot with pool and a new drive? I'm good even without the drive. But, work and repeated circumstances pushed me to learn how to. A year ago, my brother, Maia (short term for Jeremiah) and I went to LTO and got our new student driver license, and guess what? A month or so ago, my brother became a professional driver! Me? A minute on Mr.Egg's (my hubby drives a purplish Honda Civic I called Mr.Eg short for Mr. Eggplant *winks) driver's seat and my knees gave in! I literally am shaking!

Then, recently, when we have to go to some place other than home, I always wished a could drive, I envy my brother "stealing" Mr.Egg at night and go some where he likes! It is hard to commute because I'm carrying a baby, a babybag, my bag, and sometimes blueprints and documents + food take outs! Can you imagine the struggle? And there are times that Mr.Eg and her (all vehicles are female! Because they can carry humans inside them, okay? :)) sister Grace (our newest bought van) is just waiting in the garage but we are commuting because no drivers are available, a meeting is set and it can't postpone. :(

My sister, Beth (I only have a brother and a sister) is persistent of telling me to go try enroll on a driving school, I just couldn't do it by myself and so she decided to tag along (but really, she loves to learn too! Like she really is determined to do it!) She said she's been eyeing a driving booth on a mall and ask several questions about driving on them, and so, on one fateful day, Beth, mom, babe and I approached this tiny little booth under the escalator of the ground floor of Market! Market!

Ask about driving. Like can we enroll even if we know zero about driving? The lady said yes, and that's the main reason they're here - to help rookies, newbies whatever you call them learn how to drive. The shortest most cheapest is the 5-hour drive for Php2,200.00.

We closed-eyes signed up for it! (Okay, not really shut eyes but you get it...) We even ask the lady if we could have a discount since we both are signing up and she did! We only paid Php4,000.00 for our classes together! Yay!
I guessed these Banapple treats from hubby made me courageous that day!

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