Monday, July 02, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: Count Your Blessings!

Instead of focusing on the thunders of the storm, try to guess how many mushrooms pops. When you're riding downhill, get yourself ready for the upclimb. When you fall and reach the bottom, there's no other choice but to rise. :)

So instead of memorizing unfortunate events, everyone should count their blessings! It's more fun to do, keeps your spirit high and makes you more open-minded and optimistic.

Below are the MAJOR things that I thank for-

my second life - summer of 2008, my hematologist confirmed I have a rare virus on my blood and a Beta-Thalassemia, mild but with no cure while my cardiologist told us I only have a month left if I won't go Patent Doctus Arteriosus Heart Surgery. I ALMOST cry a tear but I was too energetic that time it was comical. The problem was, we need one and a half million pesos. I'm a graduating student that time so I can't help raise fund within a period of one month. Fortunately, July of the same year, the surgery was a success! Although I'll live with mild Beta-Thalassemia and
a 6-inch scar across my back,
 I'm good! :)

a license to build and design - I had six months to review after the graduation and guess what? During that time, I got addicted to online games! After the exams, I cried my heart out for I thought I won't make it but after three days, at exactly 12 midnight, viola! I saw my name online, in the list of board passers. Whew!
to board takers: try your formulas as a wallpaper ..for a change..dont forget the ceiling..or make a song out of every formulas.. why not? we innovate things after all.. =)
My buddies! Did i mention I love reading books? These number books count too! ^^
P.S. we had a love-hate relationship! If you know what I mean!
my boyfriend and I during our college days.
P.S. see my attempt to post formulas on the wall? It paid off!  both of us are engineers now!

I marry a heartthrob - at least on my own perspective I did. :P
on our wedding day
 After five years of steady relationship, my college sweetheart and I decided to tie the knot.
the boyfriend is now the husband!

my mother-in-law is NOT a monster - "if your husband treats you like a princess, then he is raised by a queen" 
Mama Luz and Hubby on our wedding day
Never had any awkward moments or trouble when it comes to my mom-in-law. We adopted easily. Thank goodness I skipped the drama J.Lo had on her movie monster-in-law. :P

my normal spontaneous delivery - oh yes. I already accepted the "future fact" that I won't make it, even my OB thinks so, my reproductive system may but there's a possibility that my heart won't take the pressure yet after nine long months of preparing myself for another SCAR, another viola! I did it! Woohoo! The experience was fabulous! I mean excruciating but well worth it!
my mom-in-law, my newborn and my mom
These are the blessings I cherish and thank God everyday. See, just by posting these makes my day complete! :D

What are yours? Post below!

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