Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lemony Snicket's The Series of Unfortunate Events Book 3: The Wide Window

If you wanna know how the unfortunate events of the Baudelaires started, then read book1 - the bad beginning and follow their misery in book2 - the reptile room...

Book 3 - The Wide Window

If you don't wanna continue reading, I will never force you, but like Mr. Lemony Snicket, I already decided to stick with the orphans as they are like brother and sisters to me. Like Klaus I love to read, Violet's hair ribbon is one of my favorite fashion accessories, and just as much as Sonny loves to bite, I love to nibble finger foods too...

After Uncle Monty's death, they were introduced to
Aunt Josephine
a kind widow frightened by many, I mean almost ALL things ever since her Husband Ike died in Lake Lachrymose after being eaten by Lachrymose Leeches...

She's afraid of the lake Lachrymose yet her house is located at a cliff just above the lake. Honestly, the house is cute! hehe As an engineer, I find it very amusing! The side facing the lake is the library where an huge window is installed. Could you believe that the heaviest part of the house is on that side? o.O
Aunt Josephine's House
She is too comical and funny whenever she warned the kids not to answer the phone, open the fridge and cook their meals. :)) Although very frightful, she is strict when it comes to grammar, she loves grammar so much that she even have an enormous library of grammar on her home. The enormous library has an enormous window (this is where the book title came from) which overlooks the lake and a cave...

Count Olaf entered the scene as the one-legged owner of a boat rental Captain Sham, who lost his leg after being eaten by the horrible lachrymose leeches. The orphans easily spotted that he was the count and warned Aunt Josephine but to no avail. In the long run, Aunt Josephine was runaway with a note saying that the new Bauldelaire guardian would be Captain Sham... The letter is filled with misspelled words and grammatical errors that Klaus realized that Aunt Josephine is hiding a coded message to the children.

In the end, they saved her from hiding on a cave called "Curdled Cave" but because of Hurricane Herman and Aunt Josephine's eating banana, lachrymose leeches started to pursue them making holes on their boat while big waves hitting them... At this point I thank Captain Sham, I mean Count Olaf for being there for the children, yet again, he is the reason why Aunt Josephine was eaten alive by the leeches. Yes, in the beginning, their parents died, in the reptile room died Uncle Monty, and now in lake Lachrymose died Aunt Josephine. And all of these are doings of the Count.

So, have you read the third book or watched the film? Tell me what do you think of the Bauldelaires and their future?
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