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Book Review: Lemony Snicket's The Series of Unfortunate Events Book 2: The Reptile Room

Lemony Snicket's The Series of Unfortunate Events Book 2: The Reptile Room

In the reptile room,

Where the baby screams,

Weirder creatures loom,
Than in all of your dreams.
In the reptile room,
Hither and thither,
Creatures from cartoons,
Slither any-whither.
In the reptile room,
Anacondas dance,
Will they be our doom,
Will we be their bon-bons
And you wanna know, wanna know, wanna know why I
Well I'm smiling, I'm just smiling upside down. 
In the reptile room,
There's an evil man,
In a strange costume,
Do not ride in his van.
In the reptile room,
Are pythons at play?
In the murky gloom,
What a horrible day

The second book is included in the film starring Jim Carrey as Count Olaf, Emily Browning as Violet Baudelaire, Liam Aiken as Klaus Baudelaire and twins Kara and Shelby Hoffman as Sunny Baudelaire.

The Reptile Room is a place on Dr. Montgomery's mansion where different kinds of reptiles are kept and taken care of altogether with a library about herpetology. Count Olaf's threat continues here that wraps a shadow over the Baudelaire's future.
Dr. Montgomery Montgomery 
Dr. Montgomery Montgomery is a well known herpetologist, a zoologist that specializes on reptiles, amphibians, turtles and crocodiles. He wants the children to just call him Uncle Monty and he is fond of calling the children "bambino" which is an Italian word for small children. According to the banker Mr Poe, if Count Olaf was their "third cousin four times removed, or their fourth cousin three times removed",  Dr. Montgomery is the Baudelaire's 'late father's cousin's wife's brother." (made my head ache a little while analyzing that! lol) Uncle Monty wants to do an expedition to Peru with the children and his assistant Gustav Sebald who mysteriously resigned on his job. 
children meeting the Incredibly Deadly Viper!
Since Uncle Monty is friendly, the children adjust easily and feel at home instantly! They were fascinated by Uncle Monty's reptile collection stored including the Incredibly Deadly Viper which he recently discovered. The snake's name is a misnomer (misleading) since it is actually harmless, Uncle Monty named the snake in such manner to play a practical joke on the Herpetologist Society in revenge for ridiculing his name; Montgomery Montgomery. Uncle Monty gave each children a task on the Reptile Room to prepare themselves for their upcoming journey to Peru. Violet to invent traps that'll be use for the new snakes they will found without hurting the animals. Klaus to read books about snakes that can be found in Peru and Sunny to bite ropes into usable pieces. Sunny found a new friend in the Incredibly Deadly Viper. :)

Image Detail
Mr. Poe, the banker
When Count Olaf denies that Sunny is in danger because the snake is not really poisonous when he claimed awhile ago that he knew nothing about snakes, Mr. Poe started to doubt. Just in time, Violet's invention of an improvised key opened the Count's luggage, she showed up and presented the evidences which includes a powder puff and the syringe used to inject snake venom into Uncle Monty.

Everything was happy until Stephano arrives, the children easily recognize him as Count Olaf in awful disguise! They try to warn Uncle Monty but failed all the time. Count Olaf always threatens the children privately. If only the children didn't told the Count that he will not join them in their trip to Peru and that Uncle Monty even torn his ticket already, they wouldn't see Uncle Monty dead in the reptile room the day they are about to leave. With more threats, Count Olaf still intends to take them to Peru where he can easily find ways to get their fortune. 
However, on their way to out, Count Olaf's car crashes into that of Mr. Poe who plans to visit the children before they leave and gave them their luggage.
After knowing what terrible thing happened to Dr. Montgomery, Count Olaf and Mr. Poe discuss things to do with the children, while the three orphan desperately try to prove it was Count Olaf, who disguise himself as Stephano who killed Uncle Monty.
Since Mr. Poe cannot believe the children's accusations. Violet, Klaus ans Sunny decided they have to have evidences, So, while Klaus pretends that the Incredibly Deadly Viper is attacking Sunny, Violet put her hair in a ribbon and thought of an invention on how to open Olaf's suitcase in where the real poison that kills Uncle Monty is hidden.
count olaf’s ankle (by just a spark)
Immediately, Mr. Poe asks Count Olaf to show his left ankle, where a tattoo of an eye is inked. The tattoo was there, and to consent the children's insistence that it was covered with powder, Mr. Poe wipes his ankle with a handkerchief, and an eye was revealed. And, since Mr. Poe avoid violence, Count Olaf run away again and the Baudelaires are to be drop off to another guardian. They were horrified while watching the reptiles taken away by Bruce including the Incredibly Deadly Viper that Sunny befriended.
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Count, The Herpetologist, The Grammar Enthusiast and The Orphans
Trivial Facts:
In the bad beggining, the Baudelaire mansion was destroyed by a suspicious fire, Count Olaf adopts the three orphans and Violet invented a grappling hook to save Sunny.
In the reptile room, a herpetologist, Dr. Montgomery Montgomery discovered the Incredibly Deadly Viper. Uncle Monty, Violet, Klaus and Sunny watched a film "Zombies in the Snow' by Dr. Gustav Sebald. And someone disguised as a taxi driver passed by (and I bet it was Lemony himself).
My say: Things are getting more and more exciting! I was saddened that their happy days with a loving guardian, Uncle Monty was short lived. And I wished they kept the Incredibly Deadly Viper as a pet, to make their lives less unfortunate.
I'm thrilled to meet the next guardian and the Lake Lachrymose, its leeches and wrong grammars in "The Wide Window".


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