Monday, October 31, 2011


Whether you wanna preserve important memoirs, express your creative side, release stress, start a hobby or just want scraps and crafts, scrapbooking is the answer!

I bought myself some scrapbooking materials and I wanna share them with you!
cute, vintage and is ready to stick on :D
these are perfect for the background and frame of the pages

buttons and earrings!
Aside from the things I bought, I also collect buttons, pins, earrings, old bracelets and ribbons for the touch up and to add a little drama! :D
i bought these at 50% off! Amazin'!
a teddy bear, a sunflower clothes pin and more sunflowers
random stickers with engrossment
scrapbooking is incomplete without the colored glitters!
This Kit is perfect for beginners like me

it comes with a CD that talks about tips, do's and don'ts on scrapbooking!
I cant wait to get started! I hope to have my finished product soon! I'll be doing one for my graduation, wedding day and for my little baby soon! *Excited!*


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