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Book Review: The ANNE MATHER Collection - Season of Mists and Impetuous Masquerade

I'm not so into Romance, but every rule has an exception. And as for me, it is this classic collection of author Anne Mather. These two stories were about romance with an unexpected twist, in an unexpected place and time, when you thought there is nothing there but really, there is...

talk about Classic and OLD

Season of Mists
1982 is the year Season of Mists was published.

Mist come and goes rapidly... So does the relationship of Abby and Piers. They were both in love, married and have a son, but years they were departed, with hate and anger on their hearts...
The first story was about Abigail who raises Matthew for eleven yeas single handed, without any support from her husband because Piers Roth didn’t recognize that the child was his after a wrong impression of Travis Oliver and a medical result stating that he is sterile... Matthew was raise knowing his father was dead, until the inevitable truth came out and he started to rebel.
Eleven years passed until Abby and Piers cross each other’s path again. Aunt Hannah just had a mild heart attack and Abby is needed to go back where her estranged husband is, to nurse the old lady and prepare for the divorce. Piers will re-marry a young Ms. Langton soon and he need not to explain anything to Abby since he is all out defending that the child was not his whenever they talk argue. Abby face a lot of problems at the same time, her worry to Aunt Hannah’s health, her upcoming divorce to Piers, Matthew being difficult and her own heart with a love warming like a soft ember unconsciously growing back...
Two days before leaving Aunt Hannah, Piers confess to Matthew that he was his real father and to Abby’s surprise he will not pursue the divorce and his wedding is off.
“Why?”, because he is still in love with Abby. He did another medical examination that proves that the last result eleven years ago was erroneous, that he is not sterile and never was. Abby was not really convince “why” did he need to take a medical exam after all those years and Piers answered her that He just wanna have an excuse to accept the boy, because even after all those years, even after believing the lies and the pain it cost him, his love still belongs to his wife...
When I finished the book, I was like, “what???” they separated because of a mistake; and a stupid mistake! *deep sigh* Time for me is very important, all of the times we can express our love for our loved-ones are very precious, and eleven years is more than a decade to spare that kind of important feelings to announce, not to mention the pain Abby felt while raising Matthew alone, and the pain Piers felt believing She cheated. Well, there are more things unravelled on the latter part of the story. It was Pier’s mom wicked plan to do a gaffe result, she poison her son’s mind because she did want Abby as her daughter in law since she’s poor. Talk about in-law relationships!
All though this is a fictional story, it shows the ugly truth about prejudice among the rich and poor, the pride of men and in-law relationship. I’m just happy that in the end, Piers defend her wife and child against the cruel scam of her mother. J

Impetuous Masquerade
This book is written in 1966 as Masquerade and was edited on 1982 and named as Impetuous Masquerade.

Val and Glyn were boyfriends, until a car accident. Heartless Val leaves Glyn and involved her older and only sister Rhia to clean up her mess. Glyn’s uncle, Jared on the other hand wants justice even if it takes Rhia to blame of her sister’s fault. Val runs away while Glyn temporarily lost his sight.
Uncle Jared though has a plan. Until Glyn is strong enough to accept the truth, Rhia will impersonate Val. The idea seems to worked until Rhia slowly fell inlove with Uncle Jared, Glyn’s widow mother will be married to Uncle Jared and Glyn’s sight returned.
The twist is terribly good! I had to slap Val when I see her and Rhia, the becoming old lady finds her love in the mist of the trouble her sister brought her into. 
The scenery in the novel was breath taking. And Jared is very decisive and loving at the same time. Rhia was taken to a place where she is new, but where she really belongs... J

This is definitely not a typical romance, it is with a heart, great twist and the plot was layered with so much surprise that readers cannot foretold, not until it happens. :P


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