Monday, October 31, 2011

Mambukal Mountain Resort, Bacolod City

If Benguet is famous for its Asin Hot Springs and the new Itogon Hot Spring, Bacolod's pride is the Mambukal Mountain Hot Spring!
a creek that I believe is connected to Mambukal Hot Spring!
Overlooking Mt. Kanlaon
Inside the resort, there's the 

a creek
another creek
my mom and another creek across a bridge
Mambukal is also famous for its seven waterfalls and random rivers and streams!

The hike was slippery and rough which explains why there's no 4th to 7th... Safety first! :)
Those aren't fruits, those are bats!
The flying foxes catches our attention! Some are sleeping, others are flying, and the rest were squawking! IDK if that's the right term but they're sort of noisy... or maybe we are that's why they're pissed? IDK.. :3
one of the hanging bridges for the Canopy Walk
I missed the Slide for Life which is a zip-like ride for Php50.00 and the Wall Climbing. amp.
Inside the Ishiwata Hot Spring
the place was a haven!
The boys at the Boating Lagoon
This resort is located at Murcia, Bacolod City and is considered as the Summer Capital of Negros! The hot spring is very relaxing and is believed to 'cure' different skin diseases because of its natural sulfur content.
And if your preggy like me and don't want to risk it, there are regular pools in the area that cost Php50 for adults and Php30 for kids. We stayed at a Trellis Cottage that is Php350 with a wooden circular table and 6 chairs. The comfort rooms where clean and the parking area was wide and free of charge!

If you don't wanna pay for your entrance free, some, like the teeners we've saw just swam at the random rivers, just remember that you should 'swim at your own risk!' lol and if you don't wanna pay for cottages, you could just put your things on top of a dry rock. :P or you could just put your things in your car in the parking lot, no big deal. But remember, when you pay, you are also helping in preserving the area, plus its cheap! :D win-win, right?

Hikers are very welcome here to trek the famous seven falls! Just remember to add a 'tour guide' because a lot of tourist were 'lost' because of its winding uphill not to mention when you ask local kids around where to go, they menacingly point you to the wrong direction! But worry not, the 'tour guide' here only accepts donation for the reservation of the area.

If your planning to visit Bacolod, dont miss this resort and the famous Chicken Inasals at Bobs! :D


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