Monday, October 31, 2011

My First Negros Experience!

Hi Negros! Hello Negros Occidental! :D

Last week after the BDJ 2012 Event we hopped to the airport for our trip to Bacolod! We landed past the hour of 6 at the New Bacolod Silay International Airport!

Bacolod City is busy for the upcoming Masskara festival Parade!
highways are filled with these advertisements

The first thing I noticed since we arrived were the vast fields of sugar cane! Tall green grasses that sometimes smells sweet like sugar and sometimes smells like an 'odd' vinegar! :D

sweet sugar cane
Bacolod is literally miles away from Silay... So we had an unexpected road trip! Speaking of road trips, I've never seen a taxi, not a single cab! The main transportation here were motorcycle also known as Habal-Habal, tricycles that can accomodate up to 20 pax, no kidding! Bus like jeeps and your bare feet! :D

the easy path during the day
We didn't warm up for the 'walkathon' and so we were shocked but we manage and adjust, I meant adopt the walking in the dusty-rocky dim (because you can only depend for the moon to shine and your trusty flashlight to see where your going at night) earth path which is a stretched 1.5km!
freshly picked Santol! Sweet not Sour! :)
the sweet Marang Fruit!
We took our bath at the small PRIVATE batis! (creek)
the butchers and the goat! hehe
At Bacolod City Hall
 A day after attending a wedding,
the cake was yummy!
 we go straight to Mambukal Hot Spring!

Our Pasalubongs includes Piaya in Original and Ube Flavour and Baye-Baye (Espasol Bacolod Style!)
perfect with hot coffee! (in my case, hot chocolate!)
The experience was superb! Imagine I wasn't able to go online for a week! Nevertheless, I enjoy my stay!


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