Friday, July 20, 2012

My New Quick Make Up Routine!

When you are single, you got all the time in the world to choose what clothes to wear, hair do to don and make up to use, but when you have a little you running around, calling out for your attention and is completely dependent on you, well, even combing your hair might be a hard thing to do! lol But its alright, I love being a new mom, it's a really hard 24hour task but its rewarding. :) Yet, that doesn't excuse us moms not to look good, right? So between juggling my baby, being a wife and work I still squeeze some social life and me-time whenever possible. :)

Looking good will definitely make you feel good! So here are some of the ways to keep things easy despite of all the hard works needed! :P
  • Lippies - I don't have much time doing smokey eyes anymore so I stay contented with moisturized lips. I always use my venus and mars smooch lip to moisturize my skin and add a little color like lipstain and my ET pinkish Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss or ET colar Moon Crystal Power Gloss. Having moisturized lips is a great way to kick-start the morning looking fab and refreshed! Wearing red lips needs a more neutral looking eye make up, so as long as the eyebrows are okay, I'm good to go!
  • BB Cream - the answer for on-the-go mom, its a mixture of moisturizer and foundation in one! :D Thank goodness for this product it gives me more time to do more things than applying layers of products on my skin. It has spf protection, anti-acne, antioxidants and can give light to moderate coverage as a foundation and is available at any drugstore. Tinted moisturizers can also give us mom extra time, because it hits two birds with one stone! Applying moisturizer and foundation in one is a good time saver, right?
  • Mascara - pop the eyes with the right mascara, I usually skip eyeliners these past few days and I have new love for mascara whether its brown, black or even blue! :P Just having my sparse eyelashes longer and thicker gives me self-confidence that I can conquer the day even with my arms full of baby! lol Good thing I'm still using my  Lashem eyelash and eyebrow conditioner. :)
That's it. My new everyday make up routine! Sometimes I slap on some blush but its OK to skip it.. :P The most important thing is you'll still look great. :)


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