Wednesday, July 04, 2012

FOOD TRIP: Shakey's Monster Meal!

One of things that makes me happy is our family day. And our family's favorite thing to do is to hang out at our ever favorite Shakey's! The managers knew us already! :P We even managed to memorize the menu! lol
One of our favorite out of the menu is the Shakey's Monster Meal Deal! Mouth watering and delicious!

 This meal deal includes a large pan of Shakey's Special and Pepperoni pizza, a complimentary garlic bread and 3 bottles of coke,

a platter of special spaghetti and flavorful carbonara,

12 pieces of fried chicken and mojos!

Using mom's Shakey's supercard, we add a party size Shakey's Special and Hawaiian Pizza. :P

and a platter of Ceasar Salad

This post makes me hungry!
Eat, eat, eat without paying a lot, lot, lot! *from Shakey's Philippines Facebook Page
Can't wait to post more food trips!

Don't you love mouth-watering posts like this? hehe What's your Shakey's favorite? Share them!


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