Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: Things That Makes You Happy

Simple things in life are priceless, and these priceless precious moments are the things that makes us happy. :) Here are SOME of the things that makes me smile.

Now that I'm a new mom now, my world centers on my newborn. :) His tiny mittens and socks, small warm body and his smoldering smile makes me happy.

Family is my priority so having a simple family day, dinner date or a simple quality time are the precious moments I cherish and keep! I tried to keep the memoirs fresh by putting up a scrapbook.

Could you believe that rain makes me happy? I love the rain so much. It's hypnotic and relaxing. All I wanna do is slap on a couch, read a book while sipping hot fudge or coffee! So cozy, right?

Being the girly girl me, make up brushes, painting my face and nails, doing tricks on my fingernails and loving shoes makes me happy!

Creamy soup on a stormy day never gets old! :P

Being a book lover obviously mean I love reading books... and reading an entire series, cover to cover makes me happy! I sometimes re-read the book and savor each scene! By the way, I usually read adventure/sci-fi books although number books are inevitable if you know what I mean...

Well, that's the top of the things that makes me happy! Of course, i could write series of books listing down simple things that could make me happy, I guess everyone would, but nevertheless, I do wanna enjoy life, why not if we could only live once, right?

Now, what are the top things that could make you happy? Share yours! :)

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