Saturday, June 16, 2012

MARY KAY Eyeshadow in Sugar Plum

My mom loves Mary Kay and she shared her love for make up with me and my sister. I remember joining events before with Mary Kay motivational speakers like Ms. Coney Reyes and  I used to have a Mary Kay standing mirror.

Before I fell in love with my SIGMA Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80 and my recent
Nichido Kabuki Brush

I used to love this a retractable kabuki brush from Mary Kay,
and a blush that I used up a long time ago!

Aside from those, I've got to choose one Mary Kay eyeshadow from this collection:
Photo from Everyday's Beauty Supplies

What I asked my mom to give me was now my all time favorite Mary Kay Eyeshadow and its the one in Sugar Plum! :D

I always use this eyeshadow when I want a wearable look that is not too neutral, this shade is also perfect for day time smokey eyes and can be matched with neutral or nude lips with a hint of tangerine. :D


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