Thursday, June 21, 2012

Improvements on Rose Garden

Despite of things I need to do and projects nearing deadlines, I try to squeeze some light exercise on my schedule and one of them is to stroll around different parks that Baguio City can offer! :D

A simple walk and soak under the sun is enough to help improve both the health of moms-to-be like me and little bean. I'm so trying my best to lessen the unavoidable effects of Beriberi/Edema and leg cramps by walkathon and stretching, while sun bathing for a couple of minutes early in the morning helps in absorbing Vitamin D.

One of my favorite places to go is the Rose Garden. The improving Rose Garden (yes, just like Bayan Park, its under renovation) is one of the perfect place to be! It's in the heart of the city, one jeepney away from Aurora Hill, beside Burnham Park and across Melvin Jones, 5minutes from Session Road and 15minutes walk to SM Baguio! :D

Here are some pictures we took while strolling around:
Rose Garden Entrance at night
Rose Garden Landscape

Different flowers cultivated in this garden:
The place is so colorful! With different flowers comes different butterflies that makes the park more alive! :D More landscapes!!!
Oh look! A real lemon!
I also noticed that the drainage system of this park also improved!
wider and safer space for strolling around
new drainage system, easy to clean and maintain
Well, I think Rose Garden is perfect for family picnic, its wide so even kids on strollers can have fun! :D This place is also perfect for nature lovers and camwhores! lol
Also, check out the new and improving BayanPark, Baguio City!


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