Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Everyone's heart desires immortality. That's why we take care of ourselves, trying to eat healthy, trying to keep away from accidents and drink our medicines...

What if you could live forever?
That's why when it's about forever, I drool, I mean I dream of entering this fantasy and skip reality for a while... :) As the book title reads, it's about everlasting life.

It's about Winnie's routine-life of boredom and daily frustration. One of the oldest family known in town that owns the vast surrounding forest. Finally giving up, she run away and finds herself near a beautiful tree where spring of water pours. She's not alone though, a young man was busy drinking from it. The boy's name was Jesse Tuck, he is with his family, his mom Mae, dad Angus and brother Miles. Aside from knowing a new family, she learned that they are immortal because of them drinking the spring almost ninety years ago.

Everyone thought that their secret was safe, not until a man who believed the tales appear and demand to show him the fountain of immortality. The adventure and drama begin when the man kidnapped Winnie to persuade the Fosters to give him the forest and hence get to the water and sell it for an incredible price! In the end, Winnie returned home, got married, had a family and died two years before Angus and Mae Tuck returned to town finding her. The fountain was destroyed because of a forest fire that lead to the area being bulldozed to the ground.

I was kinda sad that Winnie didn't make it to forever! I really wish she was happily together with Jesse. But I think that's the point of the story, to live forever is a fantasy that everyone including the "man" who wants to find the fountain but some people just want to live their lives. It is a matter of choice for Winnie. And I guess, what matters most is she lived her life with no regrets!


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